Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Glass of red, anyone?

I have a story up on Cafelit. I might have a small drink to celebrate. (To those of you who've noticed that a lot of my writing and blog posts feature alcohol - please try not to worry too much. I don't drink quite as much as the evidence might suggest)

Fancy winning an i-pad? You can try here. If you did win, or had other good luck, would you have a drink or anything to celebrate?


  1. Forgot to say - I loved the story!
    (though not the verification word: turdthfx.....?)

  2. Good story Patsy, that's two you've got on there now, well done. I'm working on one.

  3. Love that,very poetic.
    Now I want a drink!

  4. Looks like I'd better go find the corcscrew - and another couple of bottles!

    Thanks, everyone.

  5. Another success, Patsy? This calls for a drink. I'll have your whiskey waiting.


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