Tuesday, 22 March 2011

I took my own advice ...

... and subbed a short piece to Cafe Lit. You can read it here.

I really must get around to writing stories for the other markets and competitions I post about. I will. Or maybe I'll carry on editing the novel - unless it's sunny, in which case I'll be off down the allotment.


  1. Allotments are great places to find stories and characters Patsy. Don't forget to take the notebook.

  2. We've been so long without any warmth or sun - I'd get out there!

  3. I enjoyed your piece, Patsy - reminded me of all those couples arguing when I was a Relate counsellor!

  4. Patsy!! I loved it - I just wanted the conversation to go on though!!! LOL!! Brilliant - good for you!! Yay!

    Take care

  5. You're right, Suzy. It's time I worked out another plot on my plot (see what I did there?)

    Too true, Gypsy King - when we get good weather, we should try to get out and enjoy it.

    I couldn't do that job, Frances. I might get sponsored by divorce lawyers if I try though.

    Oh, Kitty, it couldn't be any longer - I was getting annoyed with them way before the end.


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