Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Ultimate Romance?

I've started editing my novel . It needs to be more romantic. (If I don't blog for a while, don't worry - I'll be conducting research!)

If you feel romantic yourself (or would like to) try this poetry competition. The prize for the best is an 'ultimate romantic weekend' in a Marriott hotel. Don't know about you, but ultimate romance sounds slightly scary to me.


  1. I'd need someone to be ultimately romantic with....

  2. Don't remember seeing one of them listed as part of the prize - wonder how it would effect the entries if there was?

  3. Good point.
    Prize: A weekend of love with Mr. Darcy.

    :O -swoon-

  4. I don't like to ask how you are intending to research it.

  5. Nothing better than practical research Patsy...:-)

  6. Enjoy your research!! :-)

    Ultimate Romance sounds like a film starring Jeanne Claude Van Damme. Or Tom Cruise. Or both! LOL!

    Take care

  7. C`mon ladies! The Ultimate Romance?..

    I`d much prefer a nice cup of tea!Lol

  8. 'ultimate romance' to me sounds like ehm the praying mantis type.

  9. Petra, Gary seemed a bit worried abot that too!

    Exactly, Carol.

    Kitty and Kate, between you I think you have the answer. I'm going to stick with the regular type!

    Cheyenne - depends who's making it and under what circumstances!

    Thanks, Lacey.

  10. Good luck with the romance, on and off the printed sheets!

  11. Hi Patsy, How's that novel of yours going? Any progress? I wish you great success with it. Sending you good creative vibes...

  12. Thanks, JJ!

    Thank you, Diane. The edits are going pretty well, I think.


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