Tuesday, 7 June 2011


No, this isn't another post about The Sphere. He's settled in nicely and doesn't seem to be causing any trouble (although he returns to the garage every night and I've yet to find the courage to look in there after dark)

I was just wondering what to blog about when Lynne Hackles emailed me about her competition. (OK, it's not that spooky, but 'bit of a coincidence' isn't much of a title) The prize is a copy of her book on ghost writing. All you need to do is answer the question on her blog. Gotta be worth a go.

Wonder if anyone ghost writes ghost stories? The Sphere's  already started  posing for publicity shots in case anyone fancies ghostwritinghis story.

Here's a site offering an opportunity to get your stories 'out there'. There's no pay, but they have a large readership, so it might be good for publicity. You'll have to do the writing yourself for this.


  1. Uh-oh! Patsy!! Methinks the Sphere is up to something. It's taken away the link to the site for getting your stories "out there"!

    Run, Patsy! Run!! Take care

  2. Hi Patsy,
    The sphere looks fabulous there on the chair. It's the new 'must have' item in home design I think.

  3. I love that picture, but be careful the sphere seems to have made itself very much at home!

    Thanks for the link to Lynne Hackles' blog, another one to follow :)

  4. I think he looks quite friendly - he's definitely smiling. Give him time and I reckon he'll speak to you :-)

  5. Kitty, it was either The Sphere's evil plan, or I forgot to add the link - hard to know where the blame lies, I'm sure you agree.

    Maybe I'll start a trend, Suzy?

    Does look cozy, doesn't he, Sarah.

    Looks friendly, I agree, Teresa. Do you think I should look in the garage at midnight?

  6. A ghost writer for the sphere would have to be ON THE BALL and not skirt AROUND the issues. Perhaps a title could be SPHERE: SQUARING THE CIRCLE?

    OK, out of crappy ball jokes now. Don't know what came over me.

  7. Full of bounce, aren't you, Gypsy King?

    Could be, Frances. Would have to be Spring Watch or Dr Who as they're the only things I've had on the last couple of weeks. Hmmm, wonder which he prefers?


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