Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Can't stop

Here's a competition for feminist writing. You don't need to be female to enter, but you do need an online presence and to write up to 200 words that mention some aspect of feminism. There's a £100 prize.

I'm not chained to the kitchen sink, but perhaps I need to affix myself to the keyboard and get caught up with my NaNo wordcount.


  1. Oh wow!! I love this feminist link and comp - thank you Patsy!! I might certainly try cos you can haiku to your heart's content!! Hooorah!!!

    Yay for your nano-ing - good luck!! Take care

  2. Hope you're doing better at NaNo than I am :-)

  3. Thanks, Patsy. I'm quite tempted to enter - sounds like a fun challenge.

  4. What IS your nano word count? And are you pleased with it?

  5. Good luck if you enter, Kitty. I'm sure you can come up with some interesting haiku.

    Sarah, I'm not sure I am. It all seems like a lot of drivel, but I think it usually does at this stage. Of course it might actually be drivel, but it's probably too soon to tell.

    Go on, Simon give it a go.

    Frances I'm at 14468 words. Should be 16670 by now but I'm reasonably pleased with the quantity and quantity is all we're supposed to worry about during November.


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