Saturday, 5 November 2011

How do you like yours?

Helen Baggott* likes blog links to open in a new page (and bearing this in mind I've tried to do that with the link to her post - hope it wored)

What do you think? Do you like links, like this one to try winning a snazzy diary**, to take you away from this blog and over to the other site? Or would you prefer them to be like this one, to try getting hold of five books all commemorating Guy Fawkes night, to open in a new window?

Here's something to read while you think about it.

* Who is really nice and just trying to be helpful, not bossy at all!

** OK, that's cheating a bit, but I wanted two similar links for comparison purposes and anyway, a diary is a kind of book.


  1. Loved your story Patsy!!!! Yay for you - so five stars!!

    And people can do whatever they want with their blogs - link away -whatever! I'm pretty zen about it all!

    take care

  2. I don't much mind really. But on balance maybe a new window is better. After all, it isn't essential to close 74 unwanted open windows but 74 clicks on the back button... Well, no, like I said, I don't mind really.

  3. I prefer new windows, but not enough to be bothered by it. And I loved your story, enough to tug the heart strings but not overly sentimental.

  4. I always right click a link and open in a new tab.

  5. Thanks, Kitty. It doesn't bother me either, but I do understand how these little niggles can drive some people to distraction.

    Rob, I sometimes end up with 74 windows open too. Maybe we're overdoing the procrastination?

    Rosalind, if it's any consolation I confused myself trying to get the different types of links sorted out.

    Thanks, Sarah. So glad you liked it.

    Womagwriter, that's brilliant! I hadn't realised I could do that. I'll pass the info on to the not at all bossy HB as I'm sure it'll do her blood pressure a lot of good.

  6. I like both types of links. With the first, I just press the back button, so not a problem. Just keep sending all your lovely links, whichever way Patsy!

  7. Loved your Extra Gran story by the way. One of those stories that keeps you guessing and trying to work out the ending. I didn't!

  8. Hi Patsy .. I didn't know how to do it .. so thank you for sending me over to learn the way forward.

    I don't like losing the page - and often forget as Maggie says - press the back button - forget that too sometimes ..

    So helpful .. thanks very much .. cheers and hope all is well in Devon - Hilary

  9. Thanks for the tip. Never thought about it until now. But it's common-sense, really, just needed pointing out to me!!

  10. Baggy, I'm saying nothing (more) in case I just make things worse.

    Thank you, Maggie. Glad you liked the story.

    Hilary, glad to be of help.

    Lots of things are like that, aren't they, Louise?

  11. I had no idea we could choose how we link to things in our posts. I just copy and paste the url into the link box and click go.

  12. New window/tab every time for me - I hate it when I lose the page I started from when I navigate somewhere else. As you've found, it's pretty easy to target a new page/tab. I know I can force the behaviour by holding down Ctrl while clicking, but that's a bit of a pain to have to do.

  13. Karen, that is the easiest way, but it's not all that more difficult to create the other type of links.

    Simon, I didn't know it could be done that way. I pretend to know what I'm doing on a computer, but mainly it's a bluff.

  14. "How do you like yours?"

    Lord, I'm sorely tempted.

  15. I much prefer a new window, for similar reasons to Simon. If I lose the original page I have little hope of remembering what I was on and get carried away with the current topic/link. Sad but true...think it's an age thing or something :)

  16. Wow... The Spinaker Tower does look pretty spectacular, there. Great picture, Patsy, and thanks for sharing. xxx

  17. Lexia, I am doing them so they open in a new window now - when I remember!

    Does, doesn't it, JJ. Don't tell anyone but I'm getting lazy and that's an old picture.


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