Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Something to keep you going

D'you like my cakes and pies? We haven't eaten everything yet but they won't last much longer.

Here's a competition with a £200 prize - a sad theme though and it looks as though they want non fiction.

On a lighter note, Della Galton wants stories about New Year resolutions that go wrong for this competition. The prize is a copy of her new book 'Moving On – Short Story to Novel'.

 And finally, Alex has a book give-away here.


  1. Those deserts would keep me going until the sugar bottomed out! And thanks for mentioning my giveaway.

  2. Patsy, I suspect you are in danger of turning into a domestic goddess...

  3. You made these cakes?!!??! Right, am packing up and moving next door to you! :-)

    Take care

  4. Alex, just keep eating and you don't need to worry about that.

    Frances, it might seem that way but remember I only post pictures of the things that I could actually get out the tins.

    Yes, Kitty I did. To make matters worse I made the mincemeat for the pies and the marzipan for the cakes as well.

  5. Your cakes and pies are making me very hungry Patsy! Going to go check out those links..thanks for that.

  6. I am very impressed at your cake-making prowess :-)

  7. Yummy... but if I eat another sweetie treat, I'm gonna explode!

  8. Great cakes and a good link to a competition I might enter ;]. Thanks for all your tireless competition searching over the last year. I've recommended you to my students.


  9. Well done on the home baking - they look good enough to eat!

  10. Nigella watch out! Thanks for getting straight back into the swing and keeping an eye on all those links.

  11. Sarah, my cake eating prowess is even more impressive!

    I know that feeling, JJ.

    Thanks, Petra! I hope they find something useful here - and maybe even stop to say hello.

    Thankfully they are, Rosemary.

    Maggie, have you been watching the way I lick the spoon? ;-)

  12. Those cakes look gorgeous. Feeling a bit peckish now.... off to look in my cupboards!

  13. They look great Patsy. Better than the ones on T.v. You should write about cookery. Thanks for the links. That reminds me... mince pies to eat. Happy New Year.

  14. No!
    NO more cake. Let them eat bread.
    PS Thanks for a great year, Patsy, I've just had a bash at the Della Competition (I'd love a signed copy of her book!) and it's the first thing I've written in yonks.
    Your site's one of the very few I regularly follow, popping in nearly every day. You've put so much work into it, and I just wanna say how much I've enjoyed it over this year. Well done and keep up the good work

  15. ps, Patsy I think that competition does want fiction, it says you can enter up to three times.

  16. Annalisa, I hope you find something you can bake into a tasy treat.

    Suzy, as it happens quite a lot of my stories do include cakes.

    Good luck with the competition, Celia. I haven't come up with anything for it yet, but I'm hopeful of getting an idea.

    I'll look at the rules for that comp again as I do have some fiction ideas that might work.

    Kracken, I am! Hope you are too.

  17. They look great Patsy, enjoyed your post very much.

    Thanks for joining my followers.

    Happy New Year.

  18. Thanks Patsy for the comp info and for the useful and interestingly presented information you provide throughout the year.



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