Sunday, 22 January 2012

A Dog's Life

Want to get your paws on $500? (Not to be Spitz at - Chihuahua earn so much from one tail?) Then have a go at this competition. (Maker sure you saver the details so you can Retreiver them later or I'll Setter you down and Boxer your ears*)

May the luck of St Bernard be with you for this one! (Hope I don't Borzoi you with my Terrier puns?)

*Try to imagine that in an Italian accent.

Here's a picture of my dog. (Yes, he's imaginary. I'm not so barking I hadn't noticed.)


  1. I should have typed in italics to help with that! I'll go do it now ...

  2. And your dog's name is...?


    Take care

  3. I liked your puns. Very clever. I am curious as Old Kitty is as to the name of your canine????

  4. Do you have to work on these puns or do they just come naturally to you? :-)

  5. Kitty, he's called Ock! (It's actually written with the exclamation mark) He loves nearly all kinds of sausages including veggie ones, but isn't so keen on the ones with leeks in.

    Diane, don't encourage me with the puns!

    Thanks, Lacey.

    Sarah, I'm afraid they're natural. I have to work on keeping them out of most of my work.

  6. Don't have an idea for a doggy story, but your puns were worth reading!

  7. Oh, Patsy - you do have a gift - you've made me laugh this morning :-) x

  8. Definitely a competition not to be 'sniffed' at.

  9. No story, Rosemary? That's a bitch.

    Thanks, Teresa. People do say they think I'm a bit funny ...

    Maggie, I hope you'll jump in with all four feet and waggly tail (so to speak)

    No Deborah. Bit woof that, eh?

  10. Love your dog. I'll check the competition out.

  11. Thought it was a bit woof myself, Gypsy King.

    He is a cute little chap, Clarissa.


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