Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Free cake!

Wednesday's word of the week is mardy. It means sulky, whining or spoilt. Hardly seems right to mention it in the presence of my lovely blog friends - but maybe it'll come in useful to describe a character.

A manuscript critique over tea and cake sounds just the thing to spoil a writer, she here's your chance to win this great prize. No need to sulk if you're a short story writer rather than a novelist as I have a paying market here that you might like to submit to.

Maybe you'd rather win a new notebook? That'd be just the thing to read my book and short stories on once these become available electronically.

If we believe the papers then tomorrow we'll be having Mardi Gras weather so here's a flower for your hair (do I spoil you or what?)


  1. That critique prize sounds fantastic - I'll be checking it out. Although it was the cake that drew me!

  2. Awwww thank you for mardying us lovely Patsy!!! Great links too - and my hair will go nicely with that flower! :-)

    I can't wait for Mardi Gras weather - so far it's wet and windy here!

    Take care

  3. Me too, Alex.

    Annalisa, the prize sounds great, but I admit I got even more interested when I got to the cake part.

    I reckon you'd be a great carnival Queen, Kitty.

  4. I've never heard of "mardy" before -- cool word!

  5. We always used the word mardy when I was a kid. Variations were mardypants and mardybum.

  6. We are definitely having brilliant weather here in the Midlands today - ranging from 16-20c in the car. Amazing.

    Thanks for the links Patsy.

  7. Linda, maybe you've never given anyone reason to call you mardy?

    You're welcome, Milo.

    Keith, I like mardypants and I know someone who deserves to be addressed that way!

    It's been hot here too, Maggie. Lovely.

  8. I haven't heard that word in so long. My ex-husband used to call me mardybum - as a term of endearment!

  9. That's a new word for me! Very cold and slightly rainy here but the sun is shining at last. Blink and we'll miss it.

  10. Hi Patsy .. I thought you were referring to Mardi .. and muddling the definition - but no!

    Love the flower - but don't think that's one that will last now or for your wedding ..

    Cheers - have a fun weekend .. Hilary

  11. Does that explain him being an ex, Sarah?

    It was quite sunny here for a while, Rosemary.

    Hilary, surely you never doubted me? ;-)

  12. Well that title was a real grabber. Had me come running anyway. Mardy is is commonly used in my neck of the woods. As is marred-arse, which is - as it sounds - a derogatory term for a sulky B.

  13. D'you hear that most often on nights you don't get steak and potatoes?

  14. Seems I don't get anything else, either. Meantime, I've got the best-fed dog in Blogsville.


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