Friday, 9 March 2012

Blog tour - coming soon!

I've had so many people offer to host a blog post, interview me or give me and/or my book 'Escape to the Country' a mention that I feel slightly dizzy. Thank you so much everyone for your support! I'd like to take up each and every offer please - if I don't make contact in the next few days then it isn't because I don't value and appreciate your offer, just that I'm slightly losing the plot (thank goodness that didn't happen until after I'd written the novel!)

I'll be here this weekend - hope to see some fellow bloggers as well as meeting up with a writing friend. Other than that there's just the day job, some family stuff, my other writing, the garden and organising our wedding. Fancy a look round the venue we've chosen for the service?

This doesn't mean I've given up on searching out free to enter writing competitions. Here's one. $500 for the winner. I also try to find time to look at the flowers - here are some I pass when I go out for a run. They almost make the effort seem worthwhile.


  1. Hi Patsy .. that's the kind of picture I wanted for my latest post - next year!!

    You have so much on .. and brilliant to have lots of offers - I can't quite seem to be myself organised for those sorts of things ..

    Then you're meeting a few bloggers too .. and your wedding - lots of fun ahead of you ..

    What an amazing setting - that looks so lovely .. wonderful place to get married - can quite see why you chose it .. are you in that area - I thought you were more in the Midlands .. but frankly ....??

    Cheers and have a great weekend - Hilary

  2. Too many hosts is a good problem! You can pick and choose. You know I'll give you a big shout-out at the very least.

  3. That's awesome, Patsy. And not surprising. :) Who wouldn't want to have you on their blog? I'd love to interview you on mine. :) If you don't have the time, I'll at least give you a shout out!

  4. Take the crocuses, they'll go with your wedding dress. I'll find some more purple ones for you to choose from!
    Great venue, Tosh.
    When's The Day?

  5. Lovely flowers, and great venue, it's all happening for you Patsy, you must be spinning.

  6. You lose the plot!??! JAMAIS!

    Oh such exciting times for you! I shall be stalking you like crazy of course! Tis what the Sphere would wish!

    Take care

  7. I can feel your excitement Patsy. I'm so happy for you :-)

  8. I am very excited for you and your book and can't wait to pick up a copy!

  9. What a year you're having, Patsy! Lovely wedding venue, too. We must get stuck into the hen night. Cyber go-carting, perhaps?

    I'm full of admiration at the speed at which your novel is being published! Will it be available on Kindle? You must be very excited.

  10. Carry on feeling dizzy because you're plastered all over the Blogathon today!

  11. I don't know why, but I feel like that wedding venue is perfect for you :-)

  12. Those beautiful crocuses (or is it croci?) make me realize I am missing more of England than just my family! Well done re the book publishing, Patsy - a book and a wedding - where do you find the time? Oh to be so young and energetic!

  13. Hilary, I do have a lot on but it's all good so I'm not really complaining (although it did sound a bit as though I was!)
    I live very near Portsmouth.

    Thanks, Alex - a shout out will be much appreciated. Having lots of offers is indeed a good problem!

    Thank you so much, Rachel. I would love to be interviewed by you if I can fit it in - I never expected to be so in demand! I'll be in touch.

    Shame the crocus will be over by then because those colours would be perfect, Celia! I look forward to seeing more dress suggestions.

    I am spinning, Suzy!

  14. Kitty, I am excited! (The Spere likes that too)

    Thank you, Diane!

    Thanks, Crack You Whip - it should be available very soon.

    Frances, it's turning out to be an amazing year. The book is coming to life very quickly. That's probably just as well as the suspense is making me odder than ever and I doubt Gary could take a year of it!
    Yes - Escape to the Country will be available in eformat.

  15. Cowboy, I'm too excited to sleep as much as I used to. That's good because I don't have time to sleep as much as I used to.

    Baggy, I'll be right over!

    Sarah, Gary suggested it and as soon as I walked in I new that was where I wanted to get married.

    Lizy, I don't find the time - I have to make it by not doing other stuff.

    Fabulous isn't it, Annalisa.


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