Friday, 23 March 2012

Blue sky hoping

It's officially spring, the sun is shining, we have a holiday booked for next month and our wedding plans are going well. It's enough to make me think the almost inevitable clouds on the horizon might all be little fluffy ones.

If all that bright, sunny optimism is too much for you, have a go at writing something horrible for Dark Moon books.

Don't rush off too quickly though - slow down for a chance to win an iPad 2.


  1. A new book and a wedding - bet you're flying high this spring day!

  2. Clouds are for making rain so that all the flowers will bloom and we won't have to suffer hosepipe bans! Yay!

    Aww Patsy! This is YOUR YEAR! Enjoy! Take care

  3. Well it certainly sounds to me as though your spring has sprung in the most fabulous way, Patsy! :D That's wonderful.

    Many thanks for stopping by & commenting!

  4. Alex, I do have a lot to be happy about.

    That's very true, Kitty - good way to look at things.

    I can indeed, Crack Your Whip.

    Oh yes, Super Earthling - boing!

  5. Blue skies all the way to happiness, me finks, Patsy!

  6. This is a great photo. I really enjoy your blog.

  7. I fink you're right, JJ!

    Thanks, Annalisa. Somehow one small cloud looks sunnier than none at all. Or is that just me?

    Thank you, Gina.

  8. So lovely to see those blue skies above!

  9. It is hard not to feel positive when the skies are so blue and the sun is shining - this is going to be a brilliant year for you, Patsy :-) x

  10. What a lovely positive post! I have spent all week battling unsuccessfully with the demon blogger, but at least I can pay visits!

  11. It is, Joanne - and wasn't it a lovely day today.

    Teresa, it's already been a good year - and there's plenty more to come.

    Sorry about your Blogger issues, Frances. Glad you were able to visit though.

  12. When is the wedding Patsy? Or is it a secret?

  13. Sigh... and I think to myself... what a wonderful world.

  14. What a wonderful year for you, Patsy! Enjoy your blue skies.

    I've given you the Lucky 7 Meme Challenge on my blog, since you have a book coming out!

  15. No secret, Sarah - it's 12th July.

    It is indeed wonderful, Cowboy.

    Thank you, Rosemary. I've already been tagged with that but haven't yet got around to doing it so I'll do both at once.


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