Tuesday, 13 March 2012

It's real!

Look! A picture of my book and it's in colour and everything so it must be real!

I'm too excited for a proper blog post, so I'll just bung up a few random competition links and then sneak off to drink wine whilst gazing lovingly at my new baby.

This one is for stage, film, radio or  documentary writing and could win you £6,000.

For this one you're invited to write up to 350 words either prose or poetry about a woman who has inspired you. The competition is being run in support of International Women's Day.

And this one gives you a chance to get your hands on an iPad 2.


  1. It looks so good! Look at that - a book, a real live book! You deserve a glass or two :-)

  2. I will now need to get drunk.

    Many thanks to you and your lovely book for this opportunity.


  3. Doesn't it look lovely! Congratulations :-) x

  4. It's lovely, Patsy. Congratulations!

  5. Thanks, Alex!

    Cheers, Annalisa!

    Big Fat Lion, you're very welcome to join in my celebrations.

    Thanks, Teresa. I'm very pleased with the cover.

    Thank you, Pat.

  6. Is it any kind of coincidence that the young lady is ... a redhead?
    Looks great, Tosh, even down to the pippi longstocking stockings!
    Well done again!

  7. Fantastic - Knowing how hard you worked on this may it be the first of many.


  8. Oh my gawd! It is real. You've done it Patsy. Looks great. Hugs x

  9. No and yes, Celia. The main character (who has lots of fun, eats lots of cakes and gets her man) is a redhead so it's no coincidence the girl on the cover has red hair. It is however a coincidence that the mc and author both have similarly coloured hair. Honestly, in all my unpublished novels they're blondes and brunettets or have black hair. There's even one with grey hair.

    Thanks, Niddy. I had help - as you know because you're one of the lovely people who provided valuable feedback when I was writing this.

    Thank you, Diane.

  10. WOO HOO! and Congratulations to you! cover looks great ~ adore those stockings she has on.

  11. Hi Patsy .. well done and it looks so good .. love it - good luck .. cheers Hilary

  12. It's beautiful! Congratulations, Patsy. :)

  13. Farawayeyes, they're great aren't they? I'm pretty sure that Phillip Grizzell (the guy who designed the cover) had to make them himself.

    Thank you, Hilary.

    Thanks, Linda!

  14. OH PATSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh wow!! Happy Dance!! Happy Dance!!!

    Oh it looks amazing - look at it!!

    Awwww YAY!!!!!! So where can I get my SIGNED (hint, hint!) copy!??!?!?!

    Take care

  15. Well done, Patsy. Really good news. This just shows the rest of us that you can get published.

  16. I think the cover looks great, Patsy. Well done. The excitement is certainly building...

  17. Thank, Baggy. I love it.

    Kitty are you happy for me? It's hard to tell ... Of course I'll be happy to sign you a copy.

    Charlie, it really can be done. All you have to do is write the thing, polish it up and be really persistent until someone gives in and publishes it.

    Thanks, Carol. I'm hoping it doesn't build much more round here or something is likely to break!

  18. What a great moment for you, Patsy! You must be so excited!

  19. Fab fab fab......Perfect, modern, so very you Patsy.

  20. Nice looking cover, Patsy. Have you got a publication date yet?

  21. Your cover is beautiful. Congratulations on getting your book out there.

  22. Is this the same book you were happy dancing about? That's come out really quickly.

    COGRATULATIONS. This is big.

  23. Brilliant!!!!! Congratulations :o)


  24. Indeed I am, Frances!

    Thank you, Suzy. Glad you like it.

    Thanks, Rob. I should be able to announce the date today (fingers crossed)

    Thank you, Beth.

    Yes, Deborah it is the same one - and yes it has come out quickly. (The publisher had already had it a while before I announced my good news but it's still been quite a speedy process)

    Thanks, Vikki.

  25. How wonderful... you lucky, lucky, girl. Good luck with it.

  26. Wonderful, Patsy! I feel your excitement. Enjoy every second.

    And thanks for those links.

  27. Patsy, I'm so so happy for you. You did it!

  28. Congratulations Patsy!
    It looks great, and like any other new parent, you deserve a glass or three to celebrate.
    x Liz

  29. Many congratulations, Patsy! I hope it's a big success for you.

  30. Thank you, Jarmara!

    Thanks, Rosemary.

    Yes, Sarah - I did it!

    Lizy, if you say so it must be true - I'll go open a bottle!

  31. Way to go, Patsy! That has got to be an awesome feeling.

  32. Many congratulations on your wonderful news!

  33. You must be walking in air! I wish you every success and best wishes.

  34. Wooo hoooo!! Congrats! That's so exciting, Patsy. :)

  35. Thanks, Milo - it is!

    Thank you, Chris.

    Thanks, Maria.

    Thanks, Nancy.

    Thank you, M Pax.

  36. Love the cover pic. So exciting for you! I thought I'd commented on this post before, must have drifted into cyberspace.

    BTW You've been lucky 7 tagged on my blog

  37. Woo-hoo, Patsy. Congratulations, sweetie. I'll keep me eyes peeled for a copy, and... I WANT IT SIGNED!

  38. Thank you, Madeleine.

    I'll be very happy to sign it, JJ.

  39. I'm so pleased for you, Patsy - just catching up with everything after St Paddy's!!!

    Well done, you deserve it and it's a great tale. :]



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