Monday, 26 March 2012

Lucky Seven

Thanks to Madeleine and Rosemary for tagging me with the lucky 7 meme. For this the victim, er, lucky tagee has to turn to page 77 of their current piece of work, go to line 7 and copy out the next 7 lines, sentences or paragraphs. Then 7 more people must be tagged. Well, rules are made to be broken so I'm going to use Escape to the Country rather than the novel I'm working on - that one doesn't yet have whole sentences and paragraphs.
"No. Neither would you if you knew him like I do."
She could see he was trying not to laugh. Oh dear, he didn't think she knew him intimately did he?"
"I work for a company that handles a lot of his investments. Something went wrong with his account and he accused me of fraud and got me the sack."
You were sacked? That's dreadful. No one has the right to sack you without proof and I just can't believe you were to blame."
Duncan really was sweet. He didn't immediately assume the fault must have been hers and looked sorry that she'd suffered. If it had been him she'd turned to immediately after her boss had told her of his suspicions and suspended her, Duncan would have given her the hug she so badly needed.
I'm tagging Annalisa, Alex, Teresa, Diane, Linda, Joanne and Lizy. I don't think any of you have done this already? 
Yesterday's picture was a close up of Mr Spud Head's ear. My sister-in-law gave him to me. She's like that. I'm giving you the chance to win a bundle of electronic gizmos which includes a kindle and an iPad.
And just when you thought you were safe from the blog tour... I'm at it again, over at Emma's place this time.


  1. If I'd looked at that picture for one hundred years, I wouldn't have got that!

    Love the snippet - looking forward to reading the book :-)

  2. Ha! I must be psychic, because I did an unofficial version of this on my blog today. *grin*

    Love yours! :)

  3. Awwww Duncan! What a man!!

    Awwww Mr Spud! What a potato!!

    Take care

  4. Sarah, I admit it was a tricky one - that's why I did it!

    I'll be over to take a look, Linda.

    Kitty, Mr Spud is a really nice chap.

    Alex, it did take me a while to get around to doing this myself.

  5. Wow - I've just looked back at the pic and I STILL can't see it!

    Thanks for the tag. I have done it - and you commented, lol!! So I won't be doing it again, but I appreciate the thought :-)

  6. Loved your page 77 :-) Thanks for the tag x

  7. I probably should have commented on the exerpt! Duncan is lovely - I want one like him!

  8. Aww, Duncan is sweet. Now I'm curious about what else happens.

  9. Annalisa, I'm sorry about that - life's a bit of a blur right now! Glad you like Duncan, I like him too.

    Thanks, Teresa.

    Thank you, M Pax. Quite a lot happens next!

  10. Enjoyed the excerpt, Patsy - I did it that way too!

    Love Mr Potato Head - and would never have guessed that was the answer to the previous picture in a million years.

  11. Like the snip Patsy, and I would never have guessed the photo. Thanks for tagging me (I think). Posting my own 7 lines is no problem but I only have 10 followers and I'm afraid I might frighten them off!

  12. Really enjoyed your excerpt...

    The potato head is quite funny...

  13. I'm enjoying this 77 tag. Great excerpt. Glad Old Kitty gave me your link. New visitor and new follower!

  14. It as a sneaky picture clue, Rosemary!

    Go on, Lizy - I'm sure your followers will be interested in a snippet of your writing.

    Thank you, tfwalsh. The potato head makes me smile.

    Nice to see you here, cleemckenzie.

  15. Patsy - I finished reading your book on Amazon Kindle app for PC last night. Having been a farm girl myself for 20+ er um years I loved it. But it ended too abruptly, too soon. I clicked back to make sure I hadn't missed a page or two.

    I hope this constructive criticism doesn't upset you, since you are one of my favourite short story writers, but I mean it to help (and, btw, I only found 2 things in the whole m/s that needed changing with my proofreading hat on).

  16. Thanks for reading the book, Jacula.

    Glad most of it worked for you, even if you felt the ending was a little abrupt.


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