Friday, 30 March 2012

Party time!

This cake is coffee and hazelnut, but at this virtual party you get to eat and drink whatever you like. What are you having?

It wouldn't be a proper party without music - luckily Sarah has some for us.


  1. What a fabulous celebration!
    Cake looks yummie...
    Congratulations and best wishes with your novel.

  2. Ooooh, my favourite cake and fizzy drink, cheers and congratulations Patsy.

  3. Congratulations, Patsy. The cake and fizzy stuff looks yummy.
    All the best with the book.

  4. Make mine a whiskey. A bottle will be fine. Congratulations Patsy, and Happy Birthday. Now this radio show... I followed the link and found an online replay of today's show, only it's three and a half hours long. Where do you come in?

  5. Chocolate champers?!?!


    Aww Patsy! HUGE HUGE HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!! Yay! Take care

  6. I'm not really a cake person, but occsionally I have a jam doughnut (about once every five years), and since this is an occasion, I'll bring one of those. Oh, and a pint of beer (but not with the doughnut!).

    Have fun, Patsy!

  7. I'll have a bit of that cake there, if there's any left!

    Congratulations, again!

  8. I'll take some of that cake, please. Yum!

  9. congrats and best wishes. You certainly deserve it.

  10. Thanks, Madeleine.

    Cheers, Suzy.

    I did thanks, Alex.

    Thanks, Carol.

    Cowboy, I wasn't on the radio - it got cancelled the afternoon before but I am going to be on another time.

    Kitty, there are chocolate liquers so we could mix you a choccie cocktail - will that do?

    Not a cake person, Frances? Oh well that leaves more for me! How about some nice savoury nibbles to go with the beer?

    Annalisa, it's going fast but you can certainly have a piece.

    Of course, Linda, here you go. Try not to get crumbs on your keyboard.

    Thanks, farawyeyes.

    Teresa it's all gone - I'll cut you a slice from the new one. Careful, the filling is a bit gooey.

  11. Great ingredients for a party. Enjoy!

  12. Am I too late for cake? Champagne? Just like me to miss the party. Hope you had a wonderful day x

  13. Congratulations on your novel. Don't stay gone too long. Hazlenut is my favorite flavored cake and coffee, but I want champagne with my cake. Best of luck.

  14. Another cake just pulled in and I've had a slice, yummy, thank you. I'm driving so it'd better be a cup of tea for me ... (aren't I just the most boring of people?)
    Congratulations again, I'm off to Amazon, I want a copy of this'ere book!

  15. Not sure if I'm still in time for the party as these posts come via email and always a day behind! But if there's any left I'd love a slice of cake and glass of bubbly, ta!

    Hope the party continues for sometime... enjoy this joyous time and celebrate your success :)

  16. Congrats! I would like that cake please. Thank you.

  17. OK, Joanne - cherry or chocolate?

    I did, Rosemary!

    The perfect combination, L.

    No Linda, you're not too late - I'll cut you a slice and open another bottle.

    Melissa, if you want Champagne then that's what you shall have.

    Celia, you're not at all boring! There are many ways to describe you but that certainly isn't one of them. Have tea and cake for now and maybe a glass of bubbles later?

    Tracy, the party will continue until everyone has had enough cake and drinks.

    Thank you, Vikki.

    Gia, I've got a slice here ready for you.

  18. Oh, no. I missed the party. Are there any leftovers? Drop by at Novel Moments. Your beautiful novel is in the spotlight. Bring the leftover champagne with you.

  19. Lots on the lips and none on the hips. I like the sound of that. Congrats Patsy :-)

  20. Darn it, first I miss your birthday now I miss the cake. Or is there any left?

  21. Liz, the party is still going - your next book is out in less than a week, isn't it? Maybe we should just keep partying right through?

    Thanks, Diane. Yeah, everything here is calorie free.

    Sarah, there is still cake - as each is eaten I just bake another! I'll get you a piece and something to drink.

  22. Darn it! I suppose it's all gone now?

    Ordered my copy of Escape to the Country!

    Can't wait to get my hands on it.

  23. Congratulations, Patsy! Hope the interview went well, and you enjoyed the cake - it looks yum!

  24. Just come back from the pub, so raised a glass for you. Happy birthday and congrats on your book.

  25. Baggy, I saved you a slice. Thanks for buying the book - I hope you like it.

    Thank you, Maxi.

    Cheers, Maggie!

    Oscar, there's some nice fresh fruit you can have instead.

  26. Ooh, that cake looks yummy. I totally want a piece. Congrats on your book.


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