Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Fraudulently random

It's time for another insecure writer's support group post and I feel a bit of a fraud taking part this time as I'm currently feeling pretty good about my writing. Next month I'll probably be all worked up over poor sales figures, unfavourable reviews and the mess my next novel is currently in, but that's next month. Just for now I'm going to enjoy the fact that my book has been published, some people have bought it and so far nobody has said they hate it.

So I'll move swiftly on to the Wednesday word of the week which is random. You probably know what the word means and if you're a regular reader of this blog, you'll know I know what it means. So you don't really need me to explain it's three horses being driven one in front of the other, do you? (A pair with one in front is a unicorn, a single with a pair in front is a pickaxe, three abreast is three abreast) Oddly I don't have a photo of horses being driven in any of those configurations, so here's one of three horses and a donkey. If you'd like to see more horse pictures take a look here.

Here's a free to enter writing competition - because that's what I do. This is for playwrites and has a prize of £6,000


  1. I'd never heard of this use of the word Patsy, so I looked it up and my dictionary says 'randem' with an 'e'. But I've learnt a new word today!

    Also if anyone wants to enter your comp, a good place to look is the site which shows you how to set out a play.

    I'm going to order your book next time I'm in Waterstones.

  2. Very interesting. :)
    And I'm glad you're feeling good!

  3. Don't feel a fraud because you're feeling good about your writing. I'm sure you've had your ups and downs. Love the pic of the horses and donkey. THanks for the link.

  4. I'm glad you're feeling secure! It's a good feeling, isn't it?

  5. Enjoy feeling good - it comes from the confidence of knowing you're doing pretty darn good!

  6. Patsy, enjoy this time of prosperity and feeling good!

  7. Maggie, it seems it can be spelled either way. Randem makes sense because tandem is two horses, one in front of the other. Random makes a lot of sense if you see it in action!

    Thanks, Rachel.

    Clarissa, I do have ups and downs. I expect we all do. I think it's important to enjoy the ups when we can.

    It is, Annalisa.

    Baggy, I think it comes from there not being any reviews of my book yet!

    Thanks, Alex - I intend to!

  8. We learn something every day! And keep feeling good.

  9. I see a donkey!!

    Lovely Patsy!!!! I received your beautiful book today - it was a nice surprise to come home to! Yay!! Can't wait to read it now!!!

    Take care

  10. Random is a fun word.

    It's good to sometimes have an "I'm feeling good" post for the IWSG. Keeps things balanced. It's good you have this shining moment.

  11. Good luck Patsy, I'm really looking forward to reading it and will put a review up when I have :)


  12. We do, Rosemary!

    Thanks for ordering it, Kitty - I do hope you like it.

    Dawn, I think it's important to remember why we battle through the insecurities and rejections.

    Thank you, Vikki!

  13. Where do you find all this interesting stuff?
    I've ordered your book today direct from your website - look forward to reading it.
    I haven't been blogging or watching others for the last few months so I missed the build up to your book - so - late congratulations to you.
    Love the YouTube video too.

  14. You've every right to feel good about your writing, Patsy. And I'm sure your sales will be terrific.


  15. I'm happy you're happy. Long may the feeling last :-)

  16. Penelope, I seem to attract weird information.

    Suzanne, any sales at all will be terrific!

    Aaw, thanks, Sarah.


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