Friday, 13 April 2012

Greetings from Alicante

 Missing you already!

We had a force nine gale in the English Channel and through the Bay of Biscay - great research for next time I'm writing about a sea sick character! Calm seas and blue skies now though.


  1. Hope the rest of your travels have calm seas, Patsy.
    Enjoy the rest of your holiday.

  2. Oh wow!!!! Glad you crossed the choppy seas all safe and sound and not too sea sick I hope! to glorious sunny Alicante!! Yay! Take care

  3. Lovely photos, Patsy. I remember going through that awful Bay of Biscay on a school cruise - it's a wonder it didn't put me off for life! Enjoy the rest of your visits.

  4. Lovely pictures. I'm hopeless on boats. I once did a Channel crossing in the calmest sea possible and felt queezy all the way! Nice of you to think of us stuck back here in Blighty.

  5. Oh, my gosh! Glad you're okay now.

    Gorgeous pics! :)

  6. Hope you've got your appetite back to enjoy some tapas and riojo, Patsy! :]


  7. Seasick - poor you. I took a youth Club group to France once and they were all sick. I didn't have time - I was too busy looking for the one we thought had fallen overboard!
    Enjoy the holiday.

  8. Are you coming back the same way...? Have a lovely time.

  9. Sorry you were sea sick! Hope the rest of the trip is fun.

  10. Wow! Have been so caught up in the A-Z didn't know you were away! I always get sick on boats - hope you only have smooth sailing from now on!

  11. Nice pics. Loved your positive take on the sea sickness.. material for a a sea sick scene. lol Hugs Patsy x

  12. Sorry you had such a rotten crossing. Don't suppose you'll want to listen to this song, then!


  13. Loving the photos - and would love to be there!

  14. Soooooo jealous!!!!!

    Have a lovely time!


  15. I get horribly sick on a boat! Have a great trip...the pics are amazing!

  16. Great photos! I've just had to bring my washing in during hailstones and thunder!

  17. Great breathtaking photos. So sorry about the sea sickness.

  18. Poor you with those gales. But those photos are fab.


  19. Lucky you in Alicante! You'll have your sea legs soon with weather like that!

  20. The last few days have been much smoother, thanks, Carol.

    Yes we're quite safe, Kitty. Never felt in danger - just didn't feel terribly well.

    Rosemary, we rarely have rough seas so this won't have put we off.

    Maggie, fortunately I'm usually fine - but it's one of those things you can't help if you get seasick.

    We're more than OK now, Linda.

    Marion, I'm not currently experiencing any lack of appetite!

    Lizy, we weren't actually sick, we just felt bleurgh.

    We are coming back the same way, Frances - hopefully the weather will be different!

    Alex, it is loads of fun now.

    Lina, I think the A to Z is keeping most of blogland busy - you'll see why I'm not doing it myself this time though.

    Thanks, Diane - I always try to think positive.

    Jacula, I feel fine now - but don't think I'll risk the song just yet.

    Lauren, it's a lovely place.

    So you should be, Vikki! (he he)

    Thanks, Keith - expect there'll be more later.

    Thanks, Crack your Whip.

    Annalisa, we've not had either of those- yet!

    Thanks, Liz.

    Suzanne, the lovely weather since has made up for it.

    Oscar, I think you're right about the sea legs!

  21. Absolutely beautiful and I'm absolutely jealous! :) Glad you're having a good time!


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