Wednesday, 18 April 2012


This week's Wednesday word is spindrift. I came across the word on a writing forum - two members said it was their favourite word. I smiled politely (difficult to do electronically but I managed) and scurried away to look it up. Seems it's the type of sea spray you get when things are about to get choppy. I'm hoping not to see any of it for the next couple of weeks!

Let's look at some nice calm water and think positive thoughts instead!

Here's a chance to win an iPad and here's a free writing competition with a £30 prize.

And here's another of those annoying 'can you see what it is?' close up things. As usual I'll be awarding a few points, that can eventually be saved for something totally wothless that you'd rather not have, to whoever gets it right.

Just discovered my picture is on the cover of Stephen King's latest book!


  1. Lovely picture - where was it taken? Where are you travelling to next?

    Is the mystery picture - cargo stacked at a port?

  2. That is great. You must be a great fan that he is adding you to his backcover! x

  3. Gorgeous picture :-)

    I thought the mystery picture looked like a stack of containers at a port.

    My daughter is on the Stephen King book too :-) x

  4. I thought spindrift was when your tumble dryer started acting irratically.

  5. what?!?! How!?! What?!?!

    Oh Patsy!! On Stephen King's book?!?! What?!?!?! Oh wow!!

    LOL! YAY!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!

    Now I must win an ipad! LOL!

    Take care

  6. Thanks for that new word - and Stephen King's cover? Really - wow! I thought the pic was the top of containers, or the inside of some kind of electronic device (!). Hoping for continued calm waters for you.

  7. Gypsy King's comment made me smile!
    I thought spindrift was that blown foam you get when the sea is choppy - is that what you mean, Patsy?

  8. That's really cool about the Stephen King book.

    Did you know I had to research how shipping companies code their cargo boxes and crates. There's a system to it and it's really cool.

  9. Hi Patsy, I think everyone's guessed it. I'm enjoying Escape to the Country, it's a lovely book.

  10. Nice pic :-) Ohhh must check out that link of ur pic on Stephen King's book. Funny enough I just did a post about one of his books! x

  11. Think everyone has guessed the pic - cargo crates on a dock...
    And what a wonderful idea to have a fan picture on the back of a book - nice one Patsy. Hope you have an author photo somewhere on your own book too.

  12. Stephen King's cover?! And right in the center, too! So COOL. :D

  13. Well done Patsy for getting your face centre stage on SK's cover.

    I think it's cargo crates too. I wonder if we're all wrong!

  14. You're right, Penelope - I'll have to make the next one harder.

    Bird, I like to think it means he's a fan of mine ...

    Teresa congrats to your daughter!

    Gypsy King, you've just reminded me of something from my childhood that I could maybe work into a story.

    Good luck with the iPad winning, Kitty.

    Rosemary, the weather has been lovely the last few days.

    That's the stuff, Lizy.

    Clarissa, I knew there was a system but wouldn't have been much help with the research. If you want pictures though ...

    Thanks, Suzy. Very glad you like it.

    Diane, I suspect the picture will be too tiny to recognise on the book - will still have to get myself a copy though.

  15. Tracy, there is a picture of me at the back of my book.

    Linda, I'm not sure it is in the centre - suspect there are hundreds of pics and that's just one section.

    Maggie, it seems everyone got it right!

  16. I wondered when I saw the title 'spindrift' :) :) :) I didn't know what it meant either until Grace wrote it in a haiku and then decided it was a great word!

    BTW Did you submit something to the Talkback one word anthology? I know you have taken part in the past but wasn't sure if you'd already sent a poem/piece of prose to Brenda?

  17. Marion, it was you and Grace who brought the word to my attention.

    No, I haven't subbed anything for the anthology. I only dod OWC a couple of times and didn't come up with anything very good.

  18. I did wonder if it was us, Patsy ! :]

    Anyway you still have two days to edit what you submitted or send one for this month's OWC!!!

  19. I did wonder if it was us, Patsy ! :]

    Anyway you still have two days to edit what you submitted or send one for this month's OWC!!!


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