Thursday, 23 May 2013

Back again

Some competitions are regular events. The Munch one is now in its 5th year, the Bulwer-Lytton one seems to have been around for a while and the Swanezine one is a regular fixture.

How do you feel about these annual competitions? If you don't win one year are you put off or determined to do better next time? If you do get placed does it make you reluctant to enter again or all the more keen to do so?

I've been shortlisted a couple of times in the Swanezine one which makes me think maybe I'm on the right track so I'll be trying again. Might as well give the others a try too.

Something I really wish would come back is the sun. What's happened to that?


  1. I had a go at the munch one once. If it's a different judge we could edit and submit that couldn't we? Good luck with your entries Patsy, thanks for the links.

  2. Having recently read Paul Clifford (it was fun!) I couldn't resist having a go at the Bulwer Lytton comp. Thanks for the reminder, Patsy.

  3. Thanks for the links, Patsy. I occasionally enter a comp more than one year but I'm now cutting back on those that charge!

  4. I've never entered a competition. Seems most people continue to submit every year, especially to big ones like Amazon's Breakout Novel.

  5. Hi Patsy - I've never entered a competition ... but I think the only way you win anything (and that author winning line) .. is by continually writing - so your tenacity holds you in good stead .. good luck!

    Cheers Hilary

  6. I don't know about the competitions (although I'd never have been published at all had it not been for the Rchard and Judy one), but I do know that the sun isn't lurking here in Devizes. But we do have hail and rain, if you're looking for that?

  7. Thanks for these. I do enter the same competitions more than once, particularly if I've been shortlisted as I guess the reader(s) like my style/voice etc. But then it's doubly disappointing to be shortlisted one year and not the next. It can be pot luck I think.
    I am freezing again today and fed up with the sun mucking us about like this. Time it came out and stayed out!

  8. Good plan, Suzy.

    Good luck, Rob.

    Good thing there are plenty of free ones then, Rosemary.

    Never, Alex? Good grief, I thought all writers had a go at a few of them.

    You neither, Hilary? Yes, tenacity is good!

    No thanks, Frances. Good of you to offer though.

    Good point, Tracy entering competitions does sometimes feel like pot luck.

  9. I never seem to get around to competitions - not enough writing time and not organised enough to know about them soon enough! Must try harder! As for the weather... I'm about to go and put the heating on for the evening! Brrr!

  10. I've entered the Writing Mag ones a few times, got short-listed once with what I considered was my poorest effort! I also entered a book for the Manchester one year, which was perhaps a tad too ambitious!

  11. We 'suffer' from a wealth of opportunities don't we? When I read your blog, I always think, wow, I'd like to go for this or that. But usually end up sending to the same venues.

    But if you've had positive feedback, you should keep submitting, Patsy. Good news is so very, very close for you.

  12. Sun is out, here, today. Although, The Cloud Appreciation Society is worth considering when the sun puts its shroud on!

  13. The sun was out yesterday and it's shining this morning, yet it's a Bank Holiday weekend. How crazy is that?

  14. Linda, lack of organisation is a problem for me too, but I do now have more time to write which does help.

    Lizy, there's nothing wrong with being a bit ambitious.

    Deborah, you're right that there are a lot of opportunities if we look for them.

    JJ, it's sunny here too now!

    Not what we expect is it, Keith?

  15. It's been a lovely weekend so far here in Kent :)

    Hope you've had some sun honey xx

  16. Vikki, we had lovely weather for three days!

    Celia, I looked out the window to try to describe it for you - the nearest I can get is 'something that's gone and been replaced by grey clouds and rain.'

    Hope you get to experience the real thing soon!


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