Friday, 30 August 2013

At home with poetry

Brace yourselves, or skip the next few lines, I've written another poem*.

*That is a short piece of writing with rhymes in, not anything actually poetic.

There was a writer called Patsy
Who lived in a London taxi
Her dear brother
lived in another
but their sister had an Austin Maxi

My aim in composing that was to make you feel you could do better. Did it work?  If so, you might like to try this competition. The best poem about your (UK) home town, or someone or something from your home town will win £1,000.

If you have two homes, or just two ideas then you could try this one too. There's a £100 prize for a poem about a neighbourhood that's important to you. They're looking for something with 'universal resonance'.


  1. Replies
    1. I think you could, Alex - but as you're outside the UL it might not help.

  2. Made me smile ... and yes, I can do better! 8-8-5-5-8

    There was a young lady called Anne
    Who worked Salcombe's fish and chip van
    She's now much fatter
    On beer-based batter
    And her diet's gone down the pan

    1. Excellent, Anne!

      I hope you're going to try the competitions.

  3. Gosh, I haven't written a poem since I was at school, but for £1000 I might be persuaded!

  4. I love everything that you post,
    Of all bloggers I like yours the most,
    Your blogs about writing,
    Are always enlightening,
    But I know you don't like to boast.

  5. Thanks for posting this, Patsy. I'd just been thinking about trying some poetry and the idea of that prize money may just spur me on:)

    1. It's encouraging me to try to write a proper poem, Vikki.

  6. I might tell my grandson about this competition - I'm sure even he could cap your ditty! :)


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