Saturday, 2 November 2013

Samantha Tonge

Today Samantha Tonge is visiting to chat to me about her tasty short story collection, Sweet Talk.

So, Sam the important question first - did you bring any sweets with you to stop me asking awkward questions?
Yes – a large gobstopper! (Oi!) No, I didn’t bother because if you are anything like me, it is impossible to put a sweet in your mouth without you quickly chewing or crunching it!

How many sweets did you 'have' to eat to research the book and while writing it?
Not so many sweets, but lots of chocolate, cake and biscuits – all in the line of duty, of course! I am actually not a huge sweet fan. I prefer toffees, fudge and chocolate. 

I know the book isn't actually all about confectionary - what other sweet stuff is in there?
A wide range of stories featuring kittens, stick insects, firemen, sisters, Christmas wishes... but they all have one thing in common: they are uplifting and guaranteed to leave you feeling good. Plus one is a little bit saucy! Please let it be the one with the firemen. Oh sorry, what we were talking about? Oh yes ...

Copies of Sweet Talk are in a nail salon local to you, aren’t they? How else are you promoting the book?
I am very excited about doing a signing in a couple of weeks, at a high school, during a ladies night Christmas fashion show/craft fair event. I have been practicing my signature!

You write for The People's Friend and I know they like nice feel good stories. Do you ever get the urge to write about really horrible people or things?
No, because whilst the stories are all feel-good, I can still write a wide variety and never get bored. I recently sold two stories in the voice of a cowboy, set during the Californian Gold Rush. They were huge fun to write!

Out of all the characters in the book, which can you relate to?
Ooh, quite a few but probably  most of all Wendy out of ‘One Lump orTwo’. The story revolves around a cooking faux pas she made, when guests came to dinner – that’s exactly the sort of thing I’d do and the story is based on a mistake I made one Chirstmas!

In case you're not visiting Sam's local nail salon anytime soon, Sweet Talk is also available from Amazon and the publisher.

Samantha’s debut novel, Doubting Abbey, is out soon from digital-first CarinaUK Harlequin. Find out more here.


  1. Thanks for having me here, Patsy! Ooh, could be the one about the fireman, mmm, nice uniform that is... ;)

  2. I've read most of this collection and it is lovely - really feel good and uplifting. Haven't read the fireman one yet - I think I'll have to go searching for that one this afternoon!

  3. A cooking faux pas? I think I must be the heroine of 'One Lump or Two', Sam (after all you did sample my burnt flapjacks).

  4. Look at that delicious display on the cover! That would make me pick it up in a heartbeat! =) Yum-yum!

  5. LOL, Wendy! I always feel like Ria out of that old show, Butterflies!!

    Aw, thanks Leandra! Yes, makes me feel hungry :)

  6. Good luck with Sweet Talk - the cover's certainly eye-catching :) As for cooking faux-pas, I could fill a book with mine!

  7. Love that cover, Samantha, and have been meaning to get the collection so this is a good reminder!

  8. Thank you, Patsy, and thanks for joining me.


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