Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Keep your standards up

When I checked my dictionary to see if standardise should be spelled standardise or standardize I found that both versions are acceptable. Either way it means to make something fit in with a standard.  Have you noticed that standardisation often seems to involve bringing everything or everyone down to the lowest common denominator rather than trying to raise them up to the highest possible level?

Standardizes, standerdizing and standardized should all have a z according to my dictionary, although not to the spellchecker on my computer. That's helpful.

A standard is a level of quality, principles of good behaviour or a type of flag or lamp and the way some plants are trained. It can also mean the accepted norm or average.


  1. I think the "s" version is the more common British usage? In America we go with the "z" version.

    1. You're right, Linda. A z in a word where an s would work always looks American to me.

  2. Thanks for the lesson on standardizing and the link, which I won't be submitting to.


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