Wednesday, 20 August 2014


Hands up who thought I'd put an extra f in the title? Anyone? No? Oh, I was sure I'd catch someone out. Riffling, as you know, means to turn pages in quick succession (my book Paint Me a Picture is such a page turner you're sure to riffle through it) to shuffle cards or something to do with gold washing. A riffle can also be a patch of waves or ripples (I particularly like that one)

Rifling on the other hand is putting spiral grooves in a gun barrel to make it more accurate (the gun in question could be a rifle, but they do it with other kinds too). Rifle can also mean to search and rob or carry off as booty. So someone might riffle through a gun inventory deciding which rifled rifle to rifle.


  1. Hi Patsy
    You would have caught me out 4 months ago. I keep a list of words I come across that I'm not familiar with and I added 'riffle' to this list back in April. Great minds, and all that!
    Best wishes
    Gary L. Sidley (alias Bryan Jones when writing my humor blog!)

  2. I love words especially ones I haven't heard of before, Patsy. Thank you for 'riffle' and 'riffling'!

  3. you can riff a musical instrument too, I think :)

  4. I was just riffling through blogs and came to your post on riffling which thoroughly defines what it means to riffle. I'm going to look down the barrel of my rifle and make sure it is riffled and empty. Thanks.

  5. I knew about riffling through pages, but not about the waves. Ha!

  6. I know what riffling is, though I didn't know the patch of waves definition. One of my favourite words is 'furkle'. I'll leave you to find out what what means, if you don't already know. x


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