Tuesday, 18 November 2014


Winning this novel writing competition will get you a publishing contract and a place on a writing retreat. It's for unpublished writers only.

I couldn't think of a suitable picture to illustrate this, which was a bit of an emergency, so I called in the police. One of the policemen had an accent, so it all worked out in the end.

Perhaps I need to go on some kind of retreat?


  1. I'm not sure my new novel will appeal to anyone at the moment, let alone a 'mainstream female market.' But thanks so much for posting this, a great opportunity x

  2. When I was unpublished, this contest was exactly what I was looking for but couldn't find.

  3. @ Petra - needs a little work does it? Mine too.

    @ Mac - I shall retreat into my fictional worlds.

    @Chrys - I'm not sure, but there seem to be more competitions than there used to be.

  4. I knew about this one, Patsy but unfortunately I'm not eligible because I don't live in the UK. It is a shame that us Brits abroad are exempt from many of the fabulous opportunities in the UK. Oh well.... BUT if anyone is in need of a retreat, I can highly recommend Chez Castillon. That's where my writing career began and I will definitely be a repeat returner.

  5. The police look like they are lost in the pic and so do the camels. Maybe they're arguing about where the retreat is. No it's this way.

  6. Yes, why not?
    I went to a retreat eleven years ago and the effects were magical.

  7. Thanks for the contest info. Go for the retreat idea!

  8. @ Nicola - It seems odd to me that so many competitions are only open to residents of certain countries. Maybe they think they'll get less publicity from a foreign winner?

    @ Oscar - they looked quite impressive when they galloped up, but didn't do much after that.

    @Julia - I've got a trip coming up next month and intend to use that as a writing retreat.

    @ New Release books - I will, but my personal retreat this time.


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