Friday, 21 November 2014

Are you a techie type?

This competition might appeal to those less technologically challenged than me, as they want stories, poems, documentaries etc which can be interacted with on computers and devices. I expect the £1000 prize will appeal to everyone.

For those who are as technologically challenged as I am, here's a pretty picture.


  1. Thanks for the picture.

    Considering my track record with computers, I am definitely by-passing this comp but thanks for the info all the same.

  2. the reformed techie thanks you for the pretty picture


  3. @ Debbie - I'm going to pass on this ine too.

    @ Mac- so it is possible to escape the thechieness, Mac?

    @ Me too, Teresa.

  4. Been there many times. Sgurr Nan Gillean,
    Skye Ridge, taken from the Sligachan Bridge Skye.

    ps, there is a bar to the right of the bridge as you look at it.

  5. Cheyenne, you're absolutely right ... well I'll have to take your word for it over the bar. There was a building over there, but I don't recall what it was and certainly didn't go in and order a locally produced single malt. *innocent smile*

  6. Out of the comp and the pic, I'll take the pic.

  7. I don't have time to enter, but I could do that!

  8. Tech challenged is pretty much my middle name. So thanks for the picture!

  9. @ Oscar That seems to be the general feeling.

    @ Alex, that's a shame as I reckon you'd have a good chance.

    @ Leandra Posting blog pictures is the closest I get to mixing my media.


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