Wednesday, 19 November 2014


A mull is a promontory. Mull can also mean to ponder or consider. Mulling wine, beer or cider is heating it with sugar and spices. Eg I went to the Mull of Kintyre and mulled over whether or not to have a glass of mulled wine.

Mull apparently can also be a form of non acidic compost or a particular type of muslim, so I suppose I could have sat on a pile of mull at a mull* in the company of a mull. We may have mulled things over together, but we'd not have drunk any mulled wine.

*Not Kintyre though as the soils is acidic there.

Now I could have mulled some wine and photographed that as I do like the stuff, but then I remembered how much you like my pictures of Scotland (or at least are too polite to beg me to stop, which is just as good) so here's one of the foghorn at the Mull of Galloway. (I don't actually know the  man in the picture, but he stayed there so long I took the shot anyway, then walked down to see what he was looking at. It was a HUGE seal. He (the man, not the seal) then pointed out various different birds and explained about the tides and other interesting stuff.)


  1. Hi Patsy - love the thought of mulling over Mull, or mulling over the thought of mulled wine - I can see you mulling .. I know you mull!

    Great that chap was happy to share his knowledge .. cheers Hilary

  2. I wish I had some mulled hot cider right now. The weather's turned bitter cold here and my throat's getting all scratchy. =(

  3. @Hilary - you're right, I do a lot of mulling.

    @ Alex - you didn't have one, did you?

    @ Mac - good plan.

    @ Chrys - aren't there just?

    @ Leandra - sounds as though you need some.

  4. And I'm mulling a little with my tardy comment. To mull can mean to bungle.

  5. Great post, Patsy. Well, I will be mulling over a 'Glühwein' at the opening of Bonn Christmas Market on Friday. Yes the season is beginning here in Germany and how could I turn down an invitation to stand in the bitter cold and drink a traditional hot alcoholic beverage :)

  6. Now all we need is for you to write a story with a Mull in it somewhere, Patsy. :D

  7. @ Christine - I didn't know it could be used in that way ... so I mulled a little in my definition of mull!

    @ Nicola - it would have been ruse to refuse.

    @ Good idea, Carol. I've written one which was inspired by the Mull of Galloway, but it's not actually set there.


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