Sunday, 30 November 2014

Short list

The winner of this novel writing competition will win agent representation and coaching for a year.

It took me ten years to write this novel, but as they only want 500 - 1000 words for the competition I might manage something by the deadline.

If you'd rather read books than write them, you might like to try winning yourself a year's supply.


  1. Hi Patsy - good luck with your entry ... I love the image for this book - and it matches the title exactly ..

    Cheers and enjoy our last warmish day! Hilary

  2. Win an agent and coaching - that's a great prize.

  3. That sounds a good comp but posting some of the entries online puts me off a bit!

  4. I wish you all the very best with your entry, Patsy. I've just downloaded it onto my kindle. Looking foward to reading it!

  5. @ Hilary Thanks. Gary created the cover image, he's a clever chap

    @Alex - certainly is

    @Rosemary - it's only the first few words, Rosemary which I don't think is too much of a problem with a book.

    @ Nicola - thank you!

  6. One of these days I'll get around to submitting something to the links you post, but my 1,000 words are not up to this one. Thanks anyway, Patsy.

  7. Hi Patsy, thanks so much for posting the link. Do you have their email address as I can't access their links via my system?

  8. @ Oscar- Hopefully I can find something to suit you.

    @ Mac - A flash start to your novel is what I think they have in mind.

    @ Petra it's (I hope you can see the t&cs - they don't look bad but it's always sensible to read those first)

  9. Thanks Patsy. I've just entered this. May the best woman win!


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