Wednesday, 12 November 2014


Uxorial means of, or relating to, a wife. I'm not sure how useful the word is in everyday conversation, but it must be more useful than uxorious which means to be excessively fond of one's wife. Speaking as a married woman I can't see how such fondness could possibly be excessive.

btw, I've just become aware some people's comments had just vanished. If that happened to you I'm sorry - they never reaced me so I didn't know you'd tried.

I've now made a setup change which I believe has solved the problem.


  1. Too true Patsy - Gary's Uxoriousness of his beautiful Patsy shines through ... lovely photo - cheers Hilary

  2. I know you made that one up just to taunt us, Patsy!

    1. Would I? Well OK I might, but in this case I didn't.

  3. Possibly not a word for daily use, but great to know for Scrabble. Xs without Es are rare :-)

  4. Ok - this is a different box. So I am hopeful. I love the word 'uxorial'.

  5. My dictionary says that uxorious also means excessively dependant on one's wife. So I guess that means me.

  6. @ Gary - Thanks XXX

    @Annalisa - I'm claiming half your points if you use it

    @Liz - Huzzah! And thanks for letting me know about the problem and helping me fix it.

    @Keith - Must mean she's looking after you well, Keith. That's good to hear.

  7. Here's a test comment. See:

  8. @ Chuch - thanks for your help.

    @ Frances - it makes me smile whenever I look at it.

    @ Alex - nor for anyone else we love.

  9. There is no such thing as uxorious.
    That word was thought up by men who never belonged to wives.

  10. I'm sure every woman wishes her husband would be more uxorious. ;)

  11. Aw, look at you two! And you're right, how could you be too excessive in that? ;)

  12. @ Mac - well, we're a sweet couple!

    @ Henry - You could well be right.

    @ Chrys - Or that he'd show it more?

    @ Leandra - Exactly!

  13. That's a new word for me! I love that photo - you both look so happy, it's lovely :-) x

  14. Hi Patsy, that photo is full of uxorius happiness. You look deliriously happy. Love your colours, they blend together well, like you and Gary. It's like luxurious, in another form maybe.


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