Friday, 14 November 2014

What makes you happy?

The theme of this competition is joy. The prize is £500 plus a residential course at one of Arvon's historic houses.

Visiting historic houses is one of the things which make me happy.  The (quite long) list also includes writing, winning things and getting cash, so I'd be very joyful to win.

What does, or would, make you happy?


  1. Hi Patsy - looks a solid, interesting house and garden ...

    I love to visit exhibitions etc .. and I love to travel looking at country houses, gardens etc - I'm very happy taking the car and going off ... and then like you being settled and being able to do these things and more ...

    Cheers Hilary

  2. Ah, winning this would make me happy, Patsy! Entered for the last few years to no avail...


  3. It would be hard to have to live in a sprawling house like that, wouldn't it.


    Imagine the dusting

  4. At the moment, a new nose. Otherwise, riding, babies, beef carpaccio, and most of all, my family. Oh, and reading. And Bach. And and and...Reading your blog, of course.

  5. Grandson and baby granddaughter coming tomorrow. The train set is up and running. The pop-up books are out. I'm more than happy.

  6. Old houses and castles are always cool! That's what I enjoyed when I lived in London.

  7. Family days, meeting up with friends, exploring new coffee shops. Simple things really. Good health tops the lot I think.

  8. A housework robot would make me happy, as then I'd have more time to spend on the things I enjoy, like writing.

  9. Oh, yes, that house and gardens makes me very happy. Gorgeous!!

  10. Hi Patsy.
    I'd love to explore that mansion!I'm sure it would arouse my creative self.
    What makes me happy?
    Enjoying the beauty of nature, my daughter's happiness makes me happy, writing, finishing a well-crafted manuscript, reading a good book, enjoying a good exhibition, being able to help a friend, communicating with my best friends makes me happy, hanging out with my family; doing something creative makes me feel blissful.
    Just being alive and healthy is a good reason to feel joyful.

  11. Hope you win this one, Patsy. I would be happy to get my kitchen back together. It's in the midst of remodeling.

  12. @Hilary - It is nice to be able to go off and explore, and then to come home again.

    @Alyson - I keep trying too, Alyson ... it's worth us having another go, I think.

    @ Mac - Or trying to remember where we left that bit of paper on which we'd scrawled an important note.

    @ Frances - aww, thanks and I do hope your new nose is soon a reality.

    @ Rachna, Me too and it's only partly because I'm nosey

    @ Keith - sounds like plenty to keep you entertained.

    @ They are, Alex.

    @ Maggie - I agree with all of those.

    @ Christine. Yes, that would be useful.

    @Leandra, nice aren't they?

    @ Julia - absolutely to all those.

    @ Oscar, that must be inconvenient. Hope it's sorted soon.


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