Wednesday, 3 December 2014

I'm not getting insecure about my insecurities ...

This month I'm a co host for the Insecure Writer's Support Group. My fellow co hosts supporting Ninja Captain Alex are E Solar, Heather and Tonja.  Do visit their blogs and if you're an insecure writer or someone who'd like to offer words of support, or both, then join us.

I wasn't feeling insecure until I started thinking about what to write in this post. As co host I felt it should be something really good. But then I saw how silly it was to feel insecure about it - that''s the complete opposite of the whole point of IWSG.

So, I'm going to give you links to free to enter writing competitions instead. I know how to do that as I do it all the time. You might find them useful. You might even win one of them and I bet that'd squish flat any insecurities you might have. Please let me know if you have success in any of the competitions I post about as I'd love to share your good news and prove people really do win.

Here's one to win coaching from a literary agent, the author of the winning short story in this short story competition will get a holiday, this novel one offers £1000 and agent representationt, and this one for a first crime novel offers and advance of $10,000.

 This is more of a publishing opportunity than a competition but there's cash on offer for flash fiction or poetry, if flash is your thing then you might also like this one (thanks to Sheila for telling me about it) for stories of 20 - 40 words, or this one with a book as the prize, or this one which offers 25 books.  This one's for longer short stories and offers workshops amongst the prizes. Another short story competition has a £50 prize, yet another offers $50 Amazon voucher each month.

I hope there's something to tempt you amongst that lot, but if not maybe there will be in my next post, or the one after ...

Oh and if you haven't already downloaded my short story collection, you might like to know it's free again. US link UK Link


  1. Having to come up with a blog you know many are going to read can be intimidating. Thanks for the heads up about your stories. I just downloaded them.

  2. No pressure!
    That made me chuckle, Patsy. And you did great anyway.
    Thanks for co-hosting today!

  3. ooh! I do like a free competition! thank you :)

  4. Good list of comps, Patsy, although some of the links seem to have got a bit muddled. I like the look of the Shortlist one, although I'll have to get my writing skates on if I'm going to enter it in time.

  5. Thanks for the free downloads, Patsy! That's awesome. You came up with an awesome blog. As Alex says, you did great!

  6. Thanks for co-hosting! It's funny that you weren't feeling insecure until it came to this post. You did a great job. Great links!


  7. @ TBM Thanks, hope you like the stories.

    @ Alex - glad I made you chuckle and don't worry, I didn't fret for long before taking the easy option.

    @ Angie - hope you're able to enter some of these.

    @ Dan - oh dear, I'll see if I can sort those links out!

    @Joylene - Thank you!

    @ Loni - proves we never know when insecurity might strike.

  8. Awesome - those kinds of links are always helpful. I'll be checking a few out this afternoon.

  9. I can totally relate. Whenever I host, I think, "Oh my gosh, is this post impressive enough?" or "Am I worthy to be in the ranks of such other way more talented writers?" You did great and I appreciate you!


  10. Hi Patsy ~ Thanks for co-hosting the IWSG today! I laughed when I read your post, because I was feeling the same insecurities when I co-hosted. I'll download your stories! Have fun co-hosting today!

  11. Thanks for the free leads. Contests are great and frustrating at the same time. But at least the free ones only cost us our time and insecurities...which I have plenty of to spend!

    Thanks for co-hosting today.

  12. I think this is an awesome idea for a post. You did great!

    Thanks for go-hosting. :)
    IWSG #151 until Alex culls the list again.

  13. Ooh thanks for the links! I know some peeps who will be interested

  14. @ Bob Hope you enter some.Good luck if you do.

    @ Elsie - I think that's it. Usually insecure is enough but this time I felt I had to be impressively insecure!

    @ Fundy - the great thing about this group is that there's always someone who understands how we feel.

    @Dean Oh, if only we could spend our insecurities ... but maybe facing them does the same job?

    @ Melissa -Glad you don't think I totally wimped out.

    @ Sarah - send 'em on over!

  15. Thanks for the valuable links and co-hosting this month!

    Best regards,
    Award-winning Children’s Author
    Ignite Curiosity in your child through reading!
    Write What Inspires You Blog

  16. Thanks for hosting, Patsy.

    Entering competition is a good way to boost our confidence.

  17. I love your title for this post.
    I didn't have anything to write for this month, too, so I thought of sharing a few quotes. Thanks for the links. Will check those out. And thanks for co-hosting!

  18. I'll be exploring those links! Thanks for sharing them.

  19. @ Donna Hope you can use them.

    @ JL That's how I feel too - though winning is obviously even better!

    @SittieCates Quotes sound fine to me.

    @ Debra - glad you like my cunning plan.

    @ Bish - do hope they're useful.

  20. Thanks for the links, you've done an awesome job co-hosting. It's great that you took the opportunity to potentially help those who come to your blog today.

  21. Maybe it's a good sign you don't know what insecurities to post about.

  22. Oh, thanks for all these awesome links, Patsy. So helpful!

  23. Thanks for all the great links! I felt that way when I co-hosted IWSG waaay back too . . . it's terrifying to have that "must be awesome post" feeling.

    You did great!

  24. Wow, thank you for all the links, and for co-hosting this month. I can't wait to check out the contests...

  25. Thank you for co-hosting and nice of you sharing all these free contest links.

  26. @ A.B. It'd be great if someone visiting today were to win one of them, wouldn't it?

    @ M.R.R. Maybe!

    @ Morgan - you're welcome

    @ Tyrean - I decided to go with the 'something different' and I seem to have got away with it.

    @ Lisa - hope you enter some

    @ Sheena You're welcome.

  27. Thanks for co-hosting, Patsy. And writers love nothing more than free to enter contests. :)

  28. LOL! Nothing like having to host IWSG to increase your insecurity.

    Thanks for co-hosting this month's IWSG!

  29. Thanks for all these links, and for co-hosting the IWSG today, Patsy!

  30. Thanks for co-hosting, and thanks for the contest info! I'll check them out.

  31. You did a great job and you are showing people where to go on line to post short stories and get further ahead with agents etc... Great idea

  32. Thanks for the links (and for co-hosting today:)

  33. Thanks for the encouragement and the links. Also, thanks for co-hosting IWSG this month!
    Play off the Page

  34. I wish I had some short stories ready. Thanks for being co-host. You did great.

  35. Thanks for co-hosting! I know what you mean about worrying about the post. Whenever I've co-hosted I always fret over what to write about and then of course after I post I feel like I blew it (if only for a little while). It's a lot of fun, though!

  36. Thank you for all the interesting links. Oh--and for being part of this group.

  37. lol it's funny the things that can get us feeling insecure! But you did fantastic, thanks for co-hosting! :D

  38. Wow! I can't wait to check out all of these links. Thanks, and I hope you have a great holiday!
    Ninja Girl

  39. Thanks for co-hosting and for the contest links! I'll be sure to download your book :-)

  40. Thanks for co-hosting, Patsy! You did great!

    And thanks for all the links to the various writing competitions—just what I need! :)

  41. @ Chrys - I was counting on that!

    @ Ken I probably should have seen it coming.

    @ Michelle - no problem

    @ Lori - hope it's helpful

    @ Birgit Thank you

    @Quanie You're welcome

    @Mary Hope the info is useful

    @Susan Get writing - you could do one of the flashes

    @Sarah It has been fun

    @Eliza hope they're useful

    @ SK We writers can always find something to worry about if we try

    @ Ninja Girl I even impressed myself this time. Usually I only post two or three a week

    @ Jamieayres hope you enjoy it

    @ Kristian - glad to be of help.

  42. Hi Patsy - well you did good .. no insecurities aflowing from your post!

    You write such great stories and are always out there 'doing' .. and you keep us up to date about where we can submit stories ...

    It's great and glad you decided to have a go at co-hosting .. cheers Hilary

  43. Every time I go to write a post I think now what am I going to say? Somehow I come up with something. Hope you have a merry, merry holiday and a great New year.

    Juneta at Writer's Gambit

  44. Congratulations on your co-hosting post Patsy. And thank you for the useful tips and comps info. Wishing you a lovely day and forth-coming weekend.

  45. Thank you for co-hosting. And thank you for the download and for the competition sites.

  46. That was an awesome post and I'm so excited because I wrote about contests this month too!
    Thank you for hosting and for the awesome links!

  47. Thanks for co-hosting and thanks for the links.

  48. @ Hilary - there's no way Alex could keep up with all the posts on his own - although he comes close.

    @Juneta - It's OK once we start, isn't it?

    @ Nicola - thanks I'm having a good day wrestling with firemen (ficticious ones obviously)

    @ Rosemary should be something to suit most people, I think.

    @ Cathrina - you're welcome

    @ Doreen Great minds, eh?

    @ Kim - sweet of you to say so!

    @ Cherie - you're welcome

  49. How awesome that you share these opportunities with everyone! Good luck to all who enter.

  50. Thank your for co-hosting! I think the novel one got confused with the short story competition one. A free contest sounds great, though!

  51. Thanks for the links. I know what you mean about not being insecure until you need to write a post of IWSG. Are we perverse or what? :) Thanks for co-hosting this month.

  52. It's nice to meet you through the IWSG! Thanks for co-hosting, and for the free downloads! Looking forward to getting to know you, as I'm your newest follower!


  53. Have just sent my entry for the Harpers Bazaar competition so thanks for the reminder, Patsy.

  54. @ Stephanie I'd love of my blog readers to win (or for me to, obviously!)

    @ Michelle - Are they still mixed up? I thought I'd sorted that ...

    @ Diane Writers eh, Diane. A weird bunch.

    @ Julie - hi and welcome!

    @ Tracy - good luck!

  55. I wish I had more time for all this, but it just sounds like work to me right now.

  56. I suppose it is work in a way, Oscar - but I like writing work.

  57. Great post! Thanks for the info re comps etc. I really must get back to ISWG...

  58. Hi Patsy, just re-connecting with everyone after Google took iver Picasa and destroyed my blog, years of work, by removing all my photographs! Anyway, have now found the courage to begin again.

  59. @ Pat - thank you

    @ Carole - oh, what a shame. I can see why that put you off.


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