Friday, 20 February 2015

Poetry prize

There's £1,000 in prizes on offer for this free to enter poetry competition (but only if you're a mere youth of 18-30)

I'm really not much of a poet
If you've read some you know it
I'm better with flowers
And will garden for hours
I think this picture will show it.


  1. It leaves me very sad
    and it makes me rather mad
    when, after reading it
    I'm over the limit
    In age, not the drink that I've had

    Judging by that, I wouldn't win anyway!

    1. Sorry, Linda. I'd somehow missed the fact this one was for youngsters. I've added that in now.

      I like your poem - it rhymes and everything!

  2. Hi Pasty,
    Good to be here again!
    Nice to know this notification
    But sad our age is crossed!! LOL
    Anyways I will surely make an announcement
    in my social sites about his wonderful offer
    Have Happy Weekend
    ~ Phil

    1. Thanks, Phil. The weeked is going pretty well so far. Hope yours is too.

  3. Replies
    1. The garden looks its best in spring, Oscar. The photo was taken last March.

  4. My excuse for not entering the competition, Patsy, is I don't fit the age group......nothing to do with the standard of my poetry. ;-)

  5. The garden looks lovely! Is it really yours? Unfortunately don't fit the age limits, nor do I write poetry for this one!

    1. Yes, it's my garden. It looks like it's big in the picture but that path is just wide enough to get one foot behind the other and by summer it's hidden under the plants.


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