Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Published paragraphs

Here's an opportunity to get a short piece of work published. It can be a short story, novel extract, story opening ... anything really as long as there's ony 75 words of it. It can be on any subject too - even fishy ones.

I'm over at Misha's blog today, hopefully not floundering, or carping on ...


  1. I love Paragraph Planet! I like the challenge of the exact word count. Writing flash is a good warm up exercise for the writing day, I find, rather as a musician will sing or play a few scales before the main event.

  2. That's one very fierce animal you have beside you on your blog, Patsy.

    Paragraph Planet sounds interesting. I've never come across it before. I will give it a go.

    1. I was careful not to let my hair dangle in the water, Charlie.


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