Monday, 1 June 2015

Grins and gurgles

Third Flatiron are accepting submissions in a variety of lengths. They pay per word.

There may not actually be a flat iron in this picture, but it looks like the sort of place that would have had more than three of them, doesn't it?


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    1. No, Mac. It was a chunk of metal with a handle, which was heated up (often in the kitchen range) and used to get the creases out of clothes. I believe there are modern versions now which run on electricty but they sound dangerous so I've kept my distance.

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    1. It is, Alex - but then it is a castle kitchen. Apparently people in castles eat a lot.

  3. Loving all the copper.

    Thanks for sharing the submission call. :-D

    1. Does look nice, Misha. (Glad I don't have to polish it though)

  4. TeeHee! I read that as Third Flateeron! Different!! :-) x

  5. You could get special stands for heating several flat irons at once, for those really busy ironing days. The house pictured is far too posh to have had irons in the kitchen, Patsy - they'd have had a laundry, as at Kingston Lacy near Wimborne. (Where, by the way, you can get excellent tea and cakes in the stables.) Dash away with a smoothing iron in that room and you're liable to have an avalanche of copper pans on your head.


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