Monday, 29 June 2015

Rhodia notebooks competition

I'm running a competition to win an essentials box from Rhodia, just like this one. All you have to do is write up to 50 words on the theme of notebooks. Interpret that however you like (as long as I can see the connection) and in any form - poetry, story, non-fiction etc.

Entry is by comment on this blog post only and must be done in the following format - *entry* your work *By author name* I'll do one myself as an example. If you wish to make a comment or ask a question then please do so seperately from your entry. (see here if you have problems leaving a comment)

Anyone may enter but the prize can only be sent to a UK address (sorry.) The delivery address will be requested from the winner, don't send them now. One entry per person only.

Entries open when I post my example and close at midnight UK time on 5th August. Winners will be announced by the end of August.

Authors retain copyright to their work, but I and Rhodia reserve the right to publish any winning works online.

Update - If you make an entry and then wish to change it, you may delete it and put in a revised one - as long as there's just one entry showing by the closing date it's fine.


  1. *entry*
    Once upon a time, there was a crazy woman who ran a competition to win notebooks. She wrote this as an example and then lots of people entered. They couldn't all win, but they all lived happilly ever after.
    *By Patsy Collins*

  2. *entry*
    She’d scrawled in the notebook, 'If you're reading this I’m dead and the monster is loose in the house. I can only offer you what I have learned. It can disappear from sight but try as it might it cannot hold its own breath.'

    The pages of the notebook fluttered.

    *By Jo Styles (Rona J Frith)*

  3. *entry*
    Upon the mountain top,
    Frank ate a bowl of oats.
    He looked down, towards the town, and then he saw a ghost.
    He wrote it down, his note book full, then his oats were gone.
    The mountain ghost was only a goat, who ate his notes as well.
    *By Suzy Jones*

  4. Orange you glad you use only Rhodia notebooks?
    That would be my entry, but I'm not in the UK.

    1. You can still enter and have the prize sent to someone in the UK if you win, Alex.

  5. *entry*
    In theory I don't believe in schadenfreude.

    Today my friends can finally marry. Somewhere in the crowd of wailing bigots is the person who threw a brick threw their window.

    I realise I'm not nearly so noble as I thought. How interesting. I write it down in my notebook.
    By Sheila Crosby

  6. 'Enter'
    If you send me a few words on my birthday, then, I will know that I am in your thoughts.
    If you send me a notebook full of words, then, I will know that I dwell in your heart.

  7. *entry*
    A campervan selection of beautiful matching leather notebooks ... what more could a girl want - a blogger in this case - to record all those tiny details and notes she wants to remember. Her journal, her jotter, her exercise pad for her posts – all provided by the Rhodia Brand.

    *by Hilary Melton-Butcher*

  8. *entry*

    Sarah stared at the notebook in front of her. She could imagine the words there that she would etch in cursive with her fountain pen on the crisp white page. They were invisible yet, but held so much power. Soon they would come to life with her story.

    By Chrys Fey

    Sucks that I'm not in the UK, though.

  9. *entry*
    She held the pencil to her mouth tapping gently on her bottom lip, deep in thought. What to write to convey her gratitude for the beautiful items in front of her ? Coloured black and orange - classic , classy .
    "Dear Rhodia , Thank you for the notebooks. My keyboard is now redundant ".

  10. Thanks everyone for your entries so far. I'm not going to comment on them individually - doesn't seem fair somehow.

  11. *entry*

    The notebook was placed in front of me. I turned over the page; a clean sheet, a new leaf. She told me to write down everything I could remember.

    My pen hovered; I hesitated. Tomorrow I would try again.

    *by Maggie Storer*

  12. How fun! I love notebooks. I own way too many as they are something I simply cannot resist. :) Good luck to all the entries!

  13. *entry*

    I’m ready, always ready, prepared, everything in line. Straight, neat and prepared! Why, why do I sit and wait? It was you who pursued me. You made first contact. The static energy I felt at our first touch was electrifying! Yet you leave me in your desk drawer, alone.
    *by Robin Delaney Hanning*

  14. *entry*

    Aid my memory;
    Eat my words.
    Protect my secrets,
    Trusted friend.
    Judge you not,
    Your cover is safe.
    Each leaf is sacred,
    Penned with ink.
    Expression of mood,
    Short and sweet.
    Explore together
    Technique, device.
    Stay close, Koobeton,
    Love of mine.
    Let’s work together;
    Write from life.

    *by Nicola Burggraf*

  15. First it was my 'doodle notebook'. Then an idea formed. I wrote it down, then expanded it. I sent it to a magazine. I am waiting,


  16. *entry*
    There was only one entry in the notebook; an address. His address. There it sat despoiling the virgin pages.
    Venomously tearing the words with my fingernails, I ripped the page from the book and threw it to the flames.
    Time for a fresh start.
    *by Mandy Shearing*

  17. *entry*
    Curiously, I approach the notebook laying open on the park bench.
    The exposed pages burble scrawls, sketches, quotes, potential…a myriad of styles.
    A large inked arrow points towards a space at the bottom.
    I read, ‘Inspire me.’
    Can I? I deliberate; then pen rumours briskly over soft paper.
    *by Lexi Walker*

  18. *entry*

    "Switch off your tablets. Roman schoolboys used wax tablets to write on. Victorians used slate. Not that wax, Rhys."
    Rhys pulled the probing finger out of his ear.
    "Today, we are using notebooks. Write stories, make diaries or picture books, or a hat." She sighed.
    " It fits. " Rhys proudly announced.
    *by Claire Chappell*

  19. There are lots of good ones - you're making this difficult for me!

  20. *entry*
    Notebooks? Places for dreams and schemes and lists involving custard creams.
    You can never have too many, same applies to the biscuits.
    *By Linda Mallinson*

  21. "entry"
    Hell's bells!
    A notebook fell from the sky.
    I kicked it with my brogan-covered foot.
    Hell's bells!
    It landed, open, in a puddle.
    I read the words, a muddle.
    Hell's bells!
    Was he crazy?
    Or, just plain lazy?
    Hell's bells!

    "by Oscar Case"

  22. Entry
    Queuing at the cash machine Suzy sketched and jotted furiously.
    “He’s got my wallet!” exclaimed an elderly man.
    Suzy spotted character 2 haring off. In her notebook lurked height, hair colour, clothing - even that distinctive tattoo. Soon her writers’ group homework would be helping police with their enquiries.
    by Ann Williams

  23. “Entry”

    Pressing and depressing the pen upon her chin, she stared at the page through glistening eyes. Torn in desperation from her notebook, it was a crumpled mess: as were her dreams. The words were as muddled as her thoughts. Then determinedly she wrote the three words that really mattered…

    by Valerie Budge

  24. Entry

    Italian class notes, vocab, forgotten verbs. Scribbled shopping list – shampoo, mayonaisse. An address but no name; friend, colleague, possible lover? Lists of reasons for moving, all great, but I didn’t move. Names for my daughter’s 10th birthday party, some with ticks others crosses.

    Old notebooks are windows into past decisions.

    By Kitty Jakeman

  25. *Entry*

    Sophie struggled to stay awake on the train as her young son chatted to the man sitting opposite.
    When she awoke the seats were empty. Terror struck her heart.
    "I'm here mum. I needed the toilet. Jeff wrote a message in this notebook. Can we see him again?
    Sophie smiled.

    By Alison Humby


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