Saturday, 5 September 2015

Poetry wanted.

Kishboo magazine are now open to poetry submissions.

Editor Sharon Boothroyd tells me the requirements are, "A max of 40 lines, a min of 10 and poems should be light- hearted, clean and rhyming. We can't accept erotica or poetry for children, and we don't want any swearing. We can't pay but we can provide links to blogs/ sites/ books ect."

Please send submissions to

Short fiction is also welcome, but should be submitted as part of their ongoing competition, for which there's a £3 entrance fee.

Here's a poem of mine, just to give you an idea of what not to send!

I've heard that as people get older
some of them grow increasingly bolder
if that happens to you
keep your clothes on do
Otherwise you'll become much colder


  1. Hi Patsy

    Loved your limerick, it made me smile.


  2. Looks like laundry time. Funny limerick. I don't know any clean ones.

    1. I don't know why it is, Oscar but limericks often tend to be on the naughty side.

  3. Thanks for this. I now have two scheduled for publication!


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