Wednesday, 12 October 2016


Something which is the draggiest is even draggier than anything which is simply draggy. It's that which is the most draggy, in fact. Draggy means tedious or unpleasant.

Which is the draggiest - looking at all my photos, or reading the comments I type in an attempt to justify dragging them in?


  1. I like the one with the scarecrow wearing a red scarf. I'm not keen on any of those draggy words though, and can't see myself using any of them in the near future.

    1. Not sure I'll work them into anything either, Maria.

  2. I like that word - does what it says on the tin... I shall do my utmost to find something draggy today and comment upon it in a loud and resonant voice.

    It can't be applied to those photos though; they're lovely!

  3. Great word, Patsy, and nothing unpleasant about this post at all... Love the scarecrow in particular!


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