Saturday, 19 November 2016

No vultures here

Cultured Vultures are open to submissions. In theory you may get paid, but that's subject to your piece being read by a lot of people and they make it clear they can't guarantee that will happen. 

On the plus side, you can write about a whole range of topics or send poetry, fiction or reviews and if you don't make any money they'll work with you to "to help build your social profile, show you how to write captivating content, and many other essential aspects of being a writer in the modern world," which sounds jolly useful.

We don't have vultures, cultured or not, around our way so here's a quizical swan and family – plus a bonus duck.


JJ Cocker said...

How very civilised. Sounds about right that culture should include a whole host of topics.

Patsy said...

I agree, JJ. No reason it should only apply to a few elite art forms.