Thursday, 12 January 2017

Wish I'd known...

For this competition from Birds of a Feather Press, you're asked to write 500 - 2,000 words on what you wished you'd known about a holiday destination, before you arrived. There's a $200 first prize, as well as ten runner up prizes.

I wish I'd known how big Arbroath smokies are before I ordered one, as I'd have made sure I was REALLY hungry. Fortunately Gary helped me eat it, so none went to waste.


  1. Garys and Macs are good for finishing things up

  2. Not the best thing to see when you are starving and waiting for tea. I could eat a whole one myself! Out of curiosity, are they eaten hot or cold?

    1. I went for hot, Ingrid - but they can be eaten either way.

  3. Thanks for the comp, but can't think of anything right now after looking at that fine specimen of FOOD.

  4. Replies
    1. Then it was worth my while typing it, Susan.


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