Sunday, 5 February 2017

A wee one

The Scottish Book Trust run a monthly 50 word story competition. Depending on the age of the entrant the prize is either a mug or books - plus publication on the website in both cases.

Anyone may enter, but if you live outside the UK, you'll have to pay the postage costs to recieve your prize.

There's a different theme each month, so you don't have to write about Scotland. However you do have to put up with another photo from my latest trip to that country.


  1. Thanks for this one Patsy.
    Where is that outcrop of rocks?

    1. Umm ... Scotland. Think it was Stoer but could be mistaken about that.

  2. Post all the Scottish photos you want, Patsy!

  3. Hi Patsy - Scotland is always gorgeous ... my stories not so good - cheers for now ... but a wee go won't do anyone any harm! Hilary


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