Friday, 3 February 2017

A winner!

Today I'm pleased to welcome Kath Kilburn to my blog.

I won a competition! Well, to be specific, I jointly won the Soundwork free-to-enter short story competition in which the winning story is recorded for online public access.

Not normally one for entering comps where the only prize is ‘publication’ of whatever sort, what marked this one out as different for me was that they accept previously aired work. My story, ‘Don’t Trust Them, Daniel’, was due a well-earned retirement from its previous income-generation duties, so off it went. And what a lovely boost to find an email saying it’d been successful. Big yay for nice little surprises of that sort.

Oh, and I found out about the competition from this very blog, where Patsy lists free-to-enter comps. Thanks, Patsy.

You're welcome, Kath - it's always good to know that people find the blog useful and enter the competitions, and even better when they win!

Soundwork hold regular free entry competitions, in fact there's another one running now. Maybe I'll be able to do a post about your success later in the year?


  1. Congratulations, Kath! Pasty finds the best competitions.

  2. Congratulations, Kath. It's always good to find out about the free-to-enter competitions on Patsy's blog. :-)

  3. Thank you Alex, Jan and R Mac! Kath

  4. Yay for Kath and her hardworking short story. Great title, btw. Thanks to Patsy for being so generous with her knowledge of competitions. Wishng you both a happy weekend!

  5. Thank you, Lexa! A lovely weekend to you too. Kath

  6. Well done, Kath - that's a great way to give a story new life!

    1. It does seem a shame for good ones to only reach one audience, Rosemary.

  7. Congrats to Kath. The free posting of comps is a valuable service to all Patsy.

  8. Congratulations Kath, well done, lets hope there will be many more wins to celebrate that originated from Patsy's blog.


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