Wednesday, 17 May 2017


A few days ago I mistyped the word entertainment as entrainment. No wiggly red line appeared underneath, so I realised it was an actual word. One I didn't know. As I'm just a little odd, I was rather pleased with that ... until I looked it up.

It means to get on a train. Why that should disappoint me I can't really say.

Entrain can also mean to drag along, or when applied to a fluid, to carry particles along in its flow. Eg The tea leaves were entrained from the pot into the cup.

Oh! I've just cheered myself up by remembering I took a photo (OK lots) of a steam train in Scotland. Three points if you can name it.


  1. No way I could name the train.
    Don't mistype entrain with an l - you'll get some rather graphic images online.

  2. Can't name the train but I've also just come across the word entrain - Helen Dunmore uses it in The Lie. Coincidences eh?

  3. If we had superhero powers I'm sure we'd be able to name the train.

    Next time I have to go by rail I'll definitely say I'm going to entrain today. :D

  4. I'm looking forward to being entrained or entraining on Saturday!

  5. Is The Flying Scotsman just too obvious?

  6. ?The Jacobite, on the Glennfinnan viaduct on the trail from Mallaig to Fort William
    Patsy I very often cannot get into this site, just that wretched circlything which goes round and round until eventually the message pops up 'taking too long to respond'
    Which is why I'm only just catching up now!


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