Friday, 21 July 2017

The heat is on

This competition is for a piece of 'women's fiction' up to 2,500 words. Apparently this is 'the ultimate literary challenge'.

The prize is a mentoring session with Paige Toon and publication of your short story as an ebook, for which you might earn royalties.

I say 'might' not because I think the publishers won't honour that part of the deal, but simply because I'm uncertain that people will buy a single short story for £1.99. That seems a bit steep to me. Or maybe I'm under valuing my own short story collections? They're on offer at £1.99 too, but there are at least 24 stories in each.


  1. It does seem a bit steep, Patsy! I can see if it was a "long" short story, it might be okay, but not for just "up to" 2,500 words. Anyway, maybe they know their market. I'm reading your book of short stories, "Can't Choose Your Family" and really enjoying it. I see there are 25 stories in this one! It's well worth the money :-)

  2. Yes, that's a bit much just for 2,500 words.

  3. Unless they're putting it a collection with other stories? Better trying a comp that actually offers payment for the winner!

  4. Hmm, I guess it depends how good the short story is:)


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