Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Listen and learn

I'm delighted that From Story Idea to Reader, the accessible guide to writing fiction co-written by myself and Rosemary J. Kind is now available in an audio version. As Rosemary had all the hard work of organising this, it seemed only fair to give her the additional task of telling you about it...

Getting From Story Idea to Reader published as an audio book seemed the natural next step for what is proving a very popular book. Originally, we had seen it as being primarily for the UK market, but from the responses we’ve had from around the world, the style and writing advice are proving useful for a very wide audience.

When you’re putting an audio book together the first challenge is to find the right voice to record the book. Patsy and I did consider reading it ourselves, but rapidly concluded there were others out there far better qualified in that field. Charles W Hall, who narrates the book, has a lovely warm and expressive voice that is a perfect fit with our accessible writing style. He is American and we have had to explain the English pronunciation of some place names that we take for granted, but we’re very happy with the end result. Trying to explain how we say places like Peterborough and Swanwick that to me are obvious, did make me wonder how many American place names I might be mispronouncing!

For me, the funniest part of listening to someone else reading the book was the number of times I would suddenly think ‘That’s a good point’ almost as though it had been written by somebody else. I think the lesson in that is that as a writer it does no harm at all to refresh your knowledge at intervals and think about your writing. Although in reality the line that hit me hardest was one of Patsy’s in which she gives you permission to get up from your desk every once in a while and go and do something else. I think we can all be guilty of spending too long trying to concentrate when in fact taking some time away from our work might do us more good.

We have a limited number of codes for free copies if you would like to review the book on Audible. They are available on a first come first served basis for those who're willing and able to this relatively soon. If you are interested then email me at rjkind@alfiedog.com with ‘Audio Review’ in the title field.
From Story Idea to Reader is also available in paperback (£9.99) and ebook (£3.99) versions.