Saturday, 7 October 2017

West Country writers wanted

Thanks to Gail Aldwin for passing on the details of this novel writing competition. Unfortunately (as I'm in the South East) it's only eligible to authors in the South West of England, who have a book which is either locally or self published.

The prize is £1,000.

Ah well, I've been to the West Country, so at least I have an excuse to post more of my travel photos.

If you'd like to write in the West Country, then you might be interested in a Writer's Workshop Weekend next March. It isn't free, but it's going to be excellent!


  1. Hi Patsy - not open to me either ... but a thousand quid is a good prize. Love your photos though - cheers Hilary

  2. Only available to authors in the south west of England. Right then, I'm Westward Ho!


    1. I'm tempted to point the van in that direction, Gary.

  3. That's a great prize - and great photos!


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