Friday, 1 December 2017

Going up

For this competition you're asked to write an uplifting 500 word story. The prize is publication in Lothian Life and a six week online writing course.

Thanks to Gail Aldwin for passing on the link.

If you were going to be lifted up what, or who,  would you like to be responsible?


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    1. God is gone with a merry noise. (It's an anthem my husband's choir sings. We're CofE.)

    2. It's odd that for most faith or lack of it and wherever we are on the planet, God (or Gods) is (or are) considered to be, or at least referred to, as up. Greek and Roman gods looked down on the mortals below, there's a staircase to heaven, a spirit in the sky ... Ah, I seem to be quoting song lyrics now.

  2. Patsy, the link is slightly different. It's

    1. Thanks. Don't know how I did that. I've fixed it now.


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