Friday, 29 December 2017

Life writing

Do you fancy having a go at life writing? If you're wondering what it is, it seems to be like life drawing, except you're the model, it's your soul rather than body which is shown in its naked state and you paint the picture with words.

At this point, I was starting to worry about how I'd illustrate this post. Luckily I remembered my life involves quite a lot of swanning around.

" The Prize rewards the winner with £1500, an Arvon course, two years’ membership to the Royal Society of Literature, a development meeting with literary agent Robert Caskie and a development meeting with an editor at Unbound. Two highly commended writers receive £500, a writing mentor, a development meeting with agent Robert Caskie and a development meeting with an editor at Unbound."

You can enter here.


  1. What an interesting angle. I used to be a model, now I'm life-sized.


  2. What a fascinating concept. Thanks for sharing, Patsy.
    Wishing you a new year of great writing.

  3. Sounds a bit New Age to me. I'm just an ignorant engineer. That about sums me up. Nice prizes though. Happy New Year, Patsy.

    1. Even engineers have lives ... don't they?

  4. Sounds interesting but will give it a miss!

  5. Hi Patsy. My first time here... Hope I see you around!

    Happy New Year, dear!


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