Monday, 21 May 2018

Somewhere in Spain

This competition is for prose (fiction or non fiction) or poetry, which are about Galicia 'in a significant way' although entrants are not required to have actually been there.

Entry is free and there's a small cash prize for the winner, which is good. All entries must be available for inclusion in an anthology, which you might be happy about. No payment is made for publication, which you might not. On the plus side, there probably won't be a huge number of entries, so if you do fancy a go, the odds should be in your favour.

I've not been to Galicia, have you? As not having visited is no bar to entry, I'm taking that as permission to post a picture of somewhere in Spain I have seen.


  1. Not many entries is a good thing. Odds are more in your favor.

  2. Patsy, your link took me to The 2018 Creative Future Literary Awards - nothing about a Galicia themed competition.

  3. Thanks for this, Patsy - will have a look. I've been to Santiago briefly.

  4. Looks cool:) Haven't been there, but I think Elizabeth Varadan has and she blogs about it:)

  5. I live in Galicia so, should you wish any outside comments on the 'exactness' of any information received, I'd be happy to help. I myself will not be entering the contest.


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