Saturday, 2 June 2018

£20,000 prize for self published book

Amazon are running a competition offering £20,000 cash, support, promotion and stuff like that. All you have to do is write a book, self publish it through them in ebook and paperback forms and enter the appropriate phrase in the keywords, and you're in with a chance. (There are some nationality restrictions, but entry isn't limited to the UK.)

The snag is that "Readers will play a significant role in the competition, with the award shortlist compiled based on customer feedback for the entries" which I suspect means that only those which get a large number of good reviews will ever get read by the judging team.

As it happens, I'd already planned to release more short story collections during the appropriate period, so it makes sense for me to enter them, doesn't it? The first Just A Job is available now. 

BLURB: Work is a huge part of our lives; from the first time someone asks us what we'll be when we grow up, until we're drawing our pension and looking back with relief or regret. Through training for and obtaining them, travelling to and actually being there, to winding down at the end of a busy day, our jobs take up much of our time.

Whether full time, part time, or can't wait for home time, working from home, working away, carer or career, paid or volunteer, we all have a job to do. Most people have friends at our place of work, and perhaps there are rivals. It's where many of us meet our partners. Love or hate it, like almost everything else in life, our job is what we make it.

Bosses, employees and colleagues all have a story to tell. Just A Job contains 25 of them.


liz young said...

good luck with your book and the competition. Doesn't seem worth my while entering as my reviews are few and spread over several Amazon sites!

wannabe a writer said...

Hi Patsy, love the blurb! Really enticing.

Patsy said...

I don't get many reviews either. Liz – but as I was going to publish the books via KDP anyway, I'm not losing anything by entering.

Patsy said...

Thank you! I hate writing blurbs, but I have some excellent writing buddies who took a lot and made some brilliant suggestions.