Monday, 25 June 2018


A couple of days ago, I got this email –

"... I’m getting in touch with you regarding our ServiceScape Short Story Award 2018. This is a free to enter writing contest.

For this writing award, any genre or theme of short story is accepted. All applicants should submit their original unpublished work of short fiction or nonfiction, up to 5,000 words, by November 30. Along with receiving an award for $1,000.00 USD, the winner will have his or her short story featured within our blog, which reaches thousands of readers per month. 

You can find more information on our short story writing contest at If you find this award resource to be of value to you and your readers, I’d appreciate it if you would add it to your site ..."

As it's free, there's a cash prize, and I was asked nicely, I decided to post it up. That's despite the fact that I couldn't think what image I could use with it. I considered using landscapes or seascapes, but that seemed a bit tenuous. My next idea was to use something to illustrate how I'd spend the money, were I to win. As that would be travelling to see interesting seascapes or landscapes, you're still stuck with some of my travel photos. Again.


  1. I'd say you've already traveled to some beautiful places.

    1. You're right – I've been very fortunate.

  2. Hi Patsy ... amazing shots - we'll be happy with more 'scapes' to view and good luck with your entry - cheers Hilary

  3. Cool contest. Great pics too, by the way:)

  4. Thanks Patsy, I've entered! Well it is free....nothing ventured etc. Do you know what's going on with Writers Dock? I'm looking for a group to join at the moment, as I've had an outbreak of writer's rash. Any ideas? Nice post by the way and great illustrations.....


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