Monday, 3 December 2018

Tiny books

Third Word Press have an ongoing, free to enter, writing competition. Each fortnight there's a chance to win £20 for an 80 word piece of writing. It may be a complete story or extract from a longer work.

The best pieces will be made into a tiny book, which will be sold to raise money for the homeless (a little like the Big Issue, but these are teeny). I have a piece in their last book, and hope to get into the next.

I found this stone, partly hidden under some heather, when we climbed up the hill in Ullapool.

Isn't the painting of the tiny book lovely? I was seriously tempted to keep it, but eventually hid it again for someone else to discover. I hope they enjoy the surprise as much as I did.


Victoria Marie Lees said...

Bravo to you, Patsy, for leaving the painted stone there. I would have been hard-pressed to do so. It really is a unique find. Thanks so much for co-hosting this month's IWSG. Merry Christmas, my dear!

Patsy said...

Thank you, Vuctoria.

Chemist Ken said...

I've hosted the IWSG a couple of times and it was a blast. Thanks for co-hosting it this month.