Monday, 11 March 2019


I'm today's guest on the Write Club podcast. My bit starts at 26 minutes in and is mainly about writing for the womag market, but there's also a littlet on writing for competitions and a top tip for novels! 

This was my second podcast interview (you can listen to the first one here.) The books mentioned in either podcast can be found here.

After taking in part in just two podcasts I now feel totally qualified to offer tips to anyone considering accepting a podcast interview request.

1) Go for it – It's in the interviewers' interest for your interview to be as good as possible, so they'll help all they can by asking the right questions and giving you an idea of those questions in advance. They'll also cut out any bits where you clam up, talk total rubbish etc

2) Try not to say 'you know' quite as often as I did! I've no idea where that came from as I'm fairly sure I don't do it in regular conversations.

3) Ask if you can have the video on, unless that will make you more uncomfortable. I did the first one without and the second with – it was easier when I could see my interviewer's reactions.

4) If there's anything you particularly want to say, or you'll need to give complicated or detailed information, make a note of it to refer to. Otherwise think about how you'll answer the questions, but don't write yourself a script. Reading it won't sound natural and if the question isn't phrased quite how you expected you might find your prepared answer doesn't quite fit.

5) Afterwards, try not to dwell on how weird your voice is and the fact that you sound as though you wanted to cry even though you actually quite enjoyed the experience.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I would cringe at my own voice no matter what.
Had to listen for a few minutes to hear your charming accent!

Mark Noce said...

Super congrats! :)

Celia said...

Not only 'you know' and 'like' but also 'er, erm' are to be avoided!

Patsy said...

@ Alex – accent? I don't have an accent ;-)

@ Mark - thank you.

@ Celia – indeed!

Carolb said...

That's useful advice on podcasts, Patsy,thank you. Well done on both. :-)

Patsy said...

Thanks, Carol.

Marion Clarke said...

I ended up listening to the whole thing instead of editing my son's CV, Patsy! :)

Interesting and very informative - particularly for anyone planning to enter the short fiction market. Thanks for sharing.


Patsy said...

Glad you found it interesting, Marion – and I hope your son gets the job.

Krayver said...

thank you for the guidelines.

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